some days!!

I swear, people are going out of their way to piss me off this year… yesterday morning, while at work, I get told by one of the guests, that “If you lived where we do, you wouldn’t be able to do this job” :wtf not because I’m not DAMN GOOD at my job, but because

is it over yet?!?

I really cannot believe the stupidity of some people… if you’re at work, even if you only have ‘basic’ computer knowledge… DON’T surf porn sites DON’T download spyware/malware, or for that matter, ANYTHING!! you are there to WORK…not play around and surf porn on the Internet all day…you were warned… and when the ‘resident computer

Say what?!?!

well…things have been just lovely here…how bout y’all? My landlord came over today to get the rent…after I handed him the check he says to me him: “I hate to do this (then don’t is what I’m thinking) but I need you to be out by the first of the month” me: ‘excuse me?’ him:

Say WHAT?!?

you’ve got to be kidding me! So this is the worst thing he can come up with to make an issue about right now? :wtf I must have missed something here…like whatever it was that makes him an authority on raising children (we all know his own turned out SO well!) not to mention what

go now!!

OK guy’s and gal’s, my gal, as you can see from the links at the top of the page, is participating in the blogathon this year! as much as I wish I could, I have to work that night 🙁 however, I think she’s doing it for a GREAT cause! she’s bloging for GLAD-Gay and