Where to even begin with that!?

I’m an Accountant, I make candles, crochet, rant, & ride motorcycles. I’m extremely eclectic, independent, & liberal. If you supported 45 we probably won’t get along. There are a few exceptions to that rule but they require us to never discuss politics.

I work for an international technology staffing company as a payroll and payables accountant. In addition to this I have two side gigs, I do payroll/HR for a minor league baseball team that I worked for full time for 4.5 years, and I’m a financial accountant for a sexual wellness company.

I have three grown sons, a beautiful granddaughter, three cats, and one very spoiled dachshund.

I’ve been with a wonderful woman since 2011, married since 2015, referenced to as D on here. We’re imperfectly perfect together and she tolerates me well. We enjoy finding things to do since we moved to another state (10th one for me). We’ve tried paddle boarding, and kayaking so far, which will be good on the lake by our house this summer. Riding our motorcycles, bicycles, and camping are a few thing we enjoy doing when we can. Travel is something we’re looking forward to doing again once she gets vacation time from her new job (which was the reason for the move).

So there you have it, the cast of characters who will probably fuel most of the content here…welcome to my journey.

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