well, it’s happened :cry I don’t really feel like posting, but I have a lot of people who have stood by me publicly and privately during all of this and I feel I owe this to them, and also my heartfelt thank you…it’s not much, and if I could it would be more, but right


I was told yesterday and I quote “everyone has a problem with you (insert my name here)” to which I responded “well, I haven’t found that to be the case” which is true, naturally we have to consider that the source of this comment was my ex, who I’m certain does have a problem with


I’ve been working on this post all week…ok let me rephrase that, I’ve been MEANING to post this all week, however, life, work and other things have a way of interfering with such plans. BlueWolf sent me a link on INTERNET addiction this past week, which actually had reference to two women getting their kids