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those that have been reading for a while know about the issues I have with living where I do, and what happened last year :angry
over the last couple months, I’ve taken serious steps toward moving out of this town, most know that I’ve been trying to do this for 3 years now (well, actually longer, but that’s another story) the part that sucked is that I wasn’t able to do it when I had to move from my other house :sad
so today, he received the notice of my intent to move (click the link above if you don’t know what I’m talking about)
I was told if I just ‘dropped it’ and gave him full custody, he would not go after child support :rofl yea, that will happen…NOT
then I was told that in Oklahoma, my ‘lifestyle’ was a basis to prove me an unfit mother
ummm…I think this states differently (I can find more, but you get the idea…and yes, this was an Oklahoma case)
so I was then informed that this time, it would be ‘for all of it’ meaning he would go for full custody…yes, I was expecting that…doesn’t mean you’re going to win there guy :biglaugha
and don’t worry, if I win, I don’t want a dime from you…see, it’s not always ‘about the money’ :uhoh3 (again, his words)
sometimes, it’s about regaining control of your own life.

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  1. right on! I honestly think you’ll be way happier once you have this settled and are living where you want to be…
    I have the feeling it’s all going to work out…:)

  2. Hi there you have a great site and i wanted to ask if i can add you to the blogrolling i was trying to find a link for it i found you on Vikki’s site thanks.

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