It hurts

You’re so excited to go to a bar where you took another woman, and are making plans to go with her again, specifically when I’m at work…yet you’re too introverted to come to an event at my job. You’re so eager to go to another city and hang out with someone you claim to barely


Cleaning out my cloud drive and found this that I saved several years ago…good common sense advice Big fucking deal. It’s between me and them. I choose my friends based on whether I think they’re worth spending time with, not on whether they side with me on matters that have fuck all to do with

What’s on my mind?

Facebook asks me this every time I see the top of the page…today I answered it… What’s on my mind? I don’t often put that on here…my heart hurts from so much I’ve seen on here these last few days, and I wonder what the reaction was back in 1967 when the case of Loving


Figured I would pop in here and update a bit before life gets too crazy again…first things first…I got the job!! Okay, well I guess that was jumping ahead just a bit…first thing would actually be I finished my degree…yes, I now have a bachelors degree in accounting! Plus a job directly related to that now 🙂