Cool Programs

I run Win2k at home, after having ME for about a year and a half or so (no rotten tomatoes please!) The feature I liked most about ME was the image viewer it had, 2000 does not (that I have found) so is constantly taking over my browser window to open an image in…which was

Comment listing problem

For some time I’ve noticed a problem in some comment boxes, perhaps some of you have run into this also. In the newer versions of MT, if someone leaves their url when commenting, and you try to click on it, it will open in the same window, which most times cannot be resized, and if

Otherblog II

So I was playing around with this some more, I wanted to have it link to the entry the comment was made on, etc…but wasn’t sure if it would work correctly. But it does!! So thought I would share again 🙂 <MTOtherBlog blog_id=”1,6“> <h2><$MTBlogName$></h2> <MTComments lastn=”2“> <a href=”<$MTBlogURL$>archives/<$MTCommentEntryID pad=”1″$>.html“> <$MTCommentDate format=”%m.%d.%y”$></a> <$MTCommentAuthorLink spam_protect=”1″$>: <$MTCommentBody trim_to=”50”