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For those of us running a Microsoft network… one of the neatest tools to run across is a FREE Syslog server. Yes, I know… *nix has it already built in… So what? So KIWI.
KIWI Syslog Daemon is a FREE Syslog server. Okay. Some windows-admins are scratching their heads. What about the Event Viewer? Isn’t everything there? No, it’s not all there. Which Event Viewer records the information from your switches and routers? None. That information goes to a syslog server. Oh…you don’t have one on Windows… So you need this little proggie.
Also to look at:
If you go to the Microsoft site… you can find information about the Windows 2000 Resource Kit tools. The Resource Kit originally sold for $300…. but, now it’s down to only $200.
I have had the luck/fortune to have this provided at a few of the networks I’ve managed/administered. The books are good. Use them to study. You’ll see many of the obtuse questions from the exams in the footnotes of these books. I don’t think I know a single person who has ever read the whole kit. But, it’s a lofty goal nonetheless… ; )
The tools on the CD are indispensible. Well…some of them I couldn’t give two hoots about. Others are a necessity. Here’s a list of the tools included (and a short description). For those less fortunate… Here’s a list of the FREE tools from the kit.
Just some more things to fill your toolbox! Happy downloading…

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