Plea for help

OK, this is a first As some of you may or may not know, my ‘daughter’, my best friend, my roomie, has been going to school to become a nurse. She has been doing so well, I’m so proud of her!! She only has one semester left until she graduates. The problem is, according to

lost post

about 4 days ago, I had a post typed up and ready to go…and my browser crashed…poof, all gone I was to damn disgusted to try and retype it all. :angry it was written after we had went to pride, and Ran and I had a very in depth conversation after looking at some pride

I don’t get it

With my upcoming ceremony, you can figure out for yourself why this would be on my mind… This last week, not one, but TWO countries legalized gay marriage :scared I know, whatever were they thinking??? How dare they have the nerve to let all of their citizens have equal rights!!! Yes, I’m being sarcastic…but it


It looks like a few things need to be clarified, and this is way to long to do it in a comment. first off, I did not link you up, nor did I call you by name, it’s called a ‘trackback’ they would have had to read YOUR post first, where this shit started, to


yes, I know I’ve been quiet lately, after working 95 hours last week it barely left time for sleep, much less posting. So you know something must really be bothering me for me to post, especially what I’m about to. I’ve never really thought of myself as the type to get on her ‘high horse’,


:wtf I think focus on the family needs to focus on pulling their head out of their collective asses!! More on the religious rights campaign against sponge bob will sponge bob make you gay? The video causing all the controversy there is no reference to anything even resembling homosexuality, or even gender identity in this

11 States

Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Ohio, Utah and Oregon all voted to ban gay marriage yesterday. I feel like we’ve taken a giant step backwards in time, and once again its accepted to descriminate against another class of people just because they’re different from us. What is everyone so afraid of?

Just a few words

As everyone who knows me knows…I stand beside my friends 100% I don’t take kindly to people giving them problems… I also take real personal issue, when you come to this server, where they have been given a place to express themselves in whatever way they damn well please, and feel the need to stir