Just a few words

As everyone who knows me knows…I stand beside my friends 100%
I don’t take kindly to people giving them problems…
I also take real personal issue, when you come to this server, where they have been given a place to express themselves in whatever way they damn well please, and feel the need to stir up more drama.
I also hate having to de-link very close friends of mine, so that anyone that does not need the link, cannot get it.
oddly enough, this is not even the first time this has happened, there was another time not so long ago that I had to relocate a dear friend and remove the link, because someone felt the need to put their nose in where it didn’t belong.
so to everyone who has them, keep it to yourself, if you don’t, and want it, you should know how to contact them to get it, if you don’t fall into either catagory, then leave it ALONE!

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One Reply to “Just a few words”

  1. Hunnie you are way to awesome…thanks for helping me and Sandi rope Snack Cake and Puppy F**ker by the balls.
    Yeah I hate it when my friends are messed with too.
    But look all us lesbians and some straight girls too came together and faced the forces of EVIL…
    ROFLMAO …Tough luck Snack Cake and Puppy Fu**er…..LOL
    I love you girl

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