Stole from Ran

Your Scent is Blue Like Blue, you change and adapt frequently. One moment you’re sexy and captivating… The next? Fun, warm, and inviting. You’re hard to predict – but that’s the essence of your charm. Power scents: Jasmine, orange flower, and lotus flower. What Scent Are You? Take This Quiz 🙂 Find the Love of

I like this one

even though I think it’s full of sh*t! :rofl You’re Element is Fire. You have a strong,independant, fiery personality and youobviously don’t ley other’s puch you around.You like being in charge and don’t care whatother people think. In fact, you like to standout and be yourself. You’re probably shy whenpeople first meet you but your


taken from one of those 5 close friends that I have :wink which is pretty damn close to accurate! :lol You are VERY antisocial! You do havefriends–probably one to five close friends–whom you spend a lot of time with, but otherthan that you do not spend much time withpeople your age. However, this is notnecessarily

sounds about right

stole this one from Ran and Whtetigr (again) Category IV – TheMusketeer You have a small, highly edited social group, andyou like it that way. What Type of Social Entity are You? brought to you by Quizilla