So I finally broke down and did it…this post is the first one I’ve made (and made on this site unless someone beat me to it in the last 5 minutes I was junking comments) in the brand spanking new MT 3.34 testing smilies So far I’m liking the plugins in this thing…very nice!

partly won

After a break (no, not my computer) I’m starting to get this WPMU figured out a bit more. I discovered that the module I was trying to install had nothing to do with anything I had done, but some server settings that are not set in a way that would allow it to run…so it

I’m back

for those that noticed I was missing… yes, I have returned…and boy do I have a funny story to tell… okay, well, it’s honestly not that funny to me right now, but I’m sure it’s one of those that in time will be (I hope) it all started a few months ago, my computer started

one more…

If anyone pays attention to the sidebar, you’ll notice I’ve added another to the Redeagle continuum…please all give welcome to YoureFavFemme of “I know you are, but what am I?” She’s a bit ‘in your face’ for some of you, I’m sure :wink, married, with 2 kids…and she’s a lesbian not sure exactly what her

Another victim

yep folks, we’ve assimilated another one…:rofl Please go welcome Kat to the Redeagle continuum…this is a friend of mine and the roomies from a site we frequent and also in 3D land :smile so go wish her a welcome to blogging like only my readers can!