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When it rains, it pours…
for the last 2 weeks this has be oh so very true!!
first off…work stuff…
as I think everyone knows, I work in payroll for a franchise restaurant (not saying the name for obvious reasons here!)
I LOVE MY JOB…don’t get me wrong, but damn, as everyone is aware, it’s tax time, and even though we don’t print the W-2’s at our location, we are responsible for getting them out, updating addresses, etc…
if you have had a job in the last year, have left said job, and moved…for goddess sake, don’t call bitching at me if you didn’t put in a forwarding address, or called earlier to update it with us, and you haven’t received your W-2 yet!! :let_it_all_out
it’s not MY fault you’re incompetent, and personally, I don’t really care anymore just how badly you need it, if you needed it that bad, you should have taken 5 minutes to call a toll free number and update your damn address :uhoh3
on what is fast becoming my ‘other’ job (so it seems people think it is) my bedroom is starting to look like a computer repair shop :hammer
one of which I did have fixed, running great, and the person it belonged to got into a fight with her brother and he threw the damn thing :throwcomp yes, I could kill him…especially since he ruined a perfectly good 20 gig WD hard drive
then there is my wife’s computer…yes, she finally has her own computer…and one day I might even get it set up (not to mention ME removed from it :scared )
lastly…there is this self proclaimed ‘computer genius’ we know…who can’t get his running, so he brings it to me :rofl I think you can all see where I’m going with this…
and then…3 new domains that I’m hosting :scatter and trying to find the time to set up…
send in the troops if you don’t hear from me in 6 months :errrr

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  1. Is his certain “computer genius” English by chance?
    If so can you give it the fuck back, NOW!!
    Ok I hear you screaming now ….. must go to bed!

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