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for those that noticed I was missing…
yes, I have returned…and boy do I have a funny story to tell…
okay, well, it’s honestly not that funny to me right now, but I’m sure it’s one of those that in time will be (I hope)
it all started a few months ago, my computer started rebooting at random times, not all that often at first, then started it more and more.
before we moved, it was doing it a little more frequently
after we moved, it was doing it VERY frequently :pummel
I’d replaced the CD-Rom, hard drive, processor, memory, power supply, and finally the motherboard…which just came in earlier this week…was still doing it
before the motherboard got replaced, it started giving me a stop error/blue screen, which basically said the boot sector of the drive was corrupt :scared (most likely attributed to all the random restarting)
get the new motherboard, put it in…nadda, nothing, zip, zilch
:wtf could it be??
so I pull out the books…yes, the 4 in. thick ones that I got from the A+ course I took…and started reading…
I came across a part that said to do a memory test when hooking up a new motherboard…basicly only putting in the memory, CPU and fan, and video card if the MB doesn’t have it on-board (mine doesn’t) and ONLY hooking up the Power SW wire from the case…then turning it on to see if you can get to the BIOS, etc…
so I gave it a shot, figured what the heck have I got to lose at this point?
powered up just fine…where before I had just gotten a blank screen…:hum
So I start wondering about the wires on the case…which one of those would cause it to keep doing this…
the Reset SW ones of course!!
so now I have enough spare parts (except for the case and power supply) to build another computer…since there was apparently nothing wrong with the old ones…:uhoh3:let_it_all_out
I swear, this was testing my whole theory that nothing could go wrong with a computer I couldn’t fix :angry
In other, better news, now that I’ve gotten my computer fixed, I’ve managed to get everyone else that lives here networked where we can all use our own computers :biggrin

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  1. Glad to see you have returned from no internetville lol. Sorry to hear about the puter problems…and get this when I first loaded your page the background was all blank I was like oh man she lost all her blog stuff lol

  2. oh hell honey, you know me better than that!!
    I’ve got the whole site backed up and burned to disk anyway 😉
    and the server was never in any danger 😀

  3. Well I can not say that the story was funny, however to see the lack of frustration every night is enough for me. I am glad to see the SMILE back on the T’s face!!
    (sidenote: thanks for getting the other’s networked LMFAO)

  4. you’re very welcome my dear…I know it was frustrating to you more than anyone else (since mine was down LOL)
    and you saw the smile…just only after your other mother took my mind off it 😉

  5. Jees!!! I’m glad to see you back posting. I’m glad you got your computer fixed! I have enough spare parts for a new computer, too – minus the case. I ripped my old one apart when Janine finally fixed the one I’m using now. good GAWDESS!!!!

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