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OK WhiteTiger, just because of your recent comment, I’m posting dammit!! :lol
I do have a valid excuse however, my computer, my baby, is having ‘issues’…for some reason at random intervals it will reboot on me…I’ve replaced the processor, the power supply, hard drive (was blank, so clean install of the OS) so about the only thing left that it could be is the memory or the motherboard :scared
so today (being payday) I’m taking a trip to Comp-USA to pick up some memory…if nothing else by the time this is over with I’ll have a brand new computer :rofl
or I’ll throw the damn thing out the window :devil
can we tell I’m a tad bit frustrated? :pummel
And because this post is pretty much just for ~S~…you know I worry about you girl, so call me dammit!!! :cry :kisses :wink
Miss you!!

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  1. Hey,
    I am doing great btw. I hardly have time to call anyone anymore but my email still works. = )~

  2. btw I start classes May 9th so I will be in those during the day and then at work till 1am you guy’s time. So it’s best just to email me anyway lol. At my Yahoo addy. I’m glad to see you guys still alive and sorry about the puter problems but I do have confidence you can fix it Miss Tech.

  3. So true! You reorganized my blog while you were having all those troubles! “Miss Tech” is a great nic for you. I hope you resolve the issues soon.

  4. You didn’t have mine too close to it did ya? It may be contagious. Do the symptoms sound farmiliar?

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