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I think I need a break…:bullet
no, not from ‘home’ life, since that’s as wonderful as can be…
I’ve been working today on setting up
WPMU, all seemed to be going well…after reinstalling it about 10 times, it was finally doing what I wanted it to do…
until I got lazy…
as you can see…I host a lot of blogs here, those on the sidebar don’t even begin to list all of the ones there are here (since I haven’t cleaned it up in a while)
one of the things I like about MT is that I can edit the files in the browser, if I want to change a template or stylesheet I don’t have to open up FTP or Cpanel and edit them, I just log in, make my changes, and viola!
I thought I had found a plugin that would let me do this same thing…I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong…but I keep getting an error message once I activate it (everything else seems to be working correctly) :hammer
let me once again state how much I really DON’T like php :uhoh3
Why am I doing this, you might ask, since I have this platform hacked to the point that it does pretty much what I want it to?
I’m asking myself that same question…
I don’t know if it’s the challenge, the fact that this version of MT is no longer supported, the comment spam we get on a regular basis if I don’t keep on top of it (since I deleted all ability to trackback any and all posts here, we don’t have to worry about that anymore) or what exactly is making me so obsessed over getting this to work…
And when (yes, when) I do get it to work…thats still no guarantee that I’m even going to want to use it! :shakehead
yea…I’m definitally a geek

9 Replies to “before I pull out the baseball bat…”

  1. You’re good at what you do, so I have no doubt that you’ll have it wrapped around your pinky in no time at all! But a good bat bashing now and then is good for the soul!

  2. I love the emoticon at the start of the post! Hang in there, toots. We know you’ll figure it out. Then you can stand back and snicker at what it throws at you! *G*

  3. Wait… WPMU? Thanks for the tip… I wonder just how many of us back-version people are out there, you know? Anyway, I am going to fool around with this WPMU thing a bit, becuz I DO like php… 🙂
    TTYL! Oh, hope you get it to work.

  4. yes there were, and I followed them to the letter…
    I guess I should have updated that in order to use this particular plugin, you have to have mbstring enabled, and apparently I don’t 🙁

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