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**warning, geek speak ahead, feel free to leave an opinion or if you know of something I haven’t looked at (or comments on what I have)**
I’ve been on a mission lately…
My mission is, I’ve been wanting to get away from MT for some time now…I think it’s outrageous the prices they want to charge to continue to have a multi-user/multi-blog setup.
Don’t get me wrong, if they had started out that way, I wouldn’t have an issue with it…even when it was a free version I still made a donation because I thought it was a worthwhile project, and I wanted to support it, but they’ve gotten a tad big for their britches IMHO.
So I’ve been looking around at other options…who knew how many there were out there!! My main problem is finding one that has the features I want, at a free and/or cheap price tag.
I also, have my users to consider…the ones who, without them…well, wouldn’t be what it is today…I’d like to have something that will give them a bit more flexibility if they want it, but still be easy enough for the ones that just want a place to write their thoughts to be able to do that, without a lot of complications.
a short (kinda) list of what I would like to be able to give them
1. the option for ‘skins’ without me having to hack multiple files.
2. the option to choose their own look, I could have several templates set up and they could pick the one they would like to use, (but still have the option of using a custom one)
3. creating pages…for the ones who want more than ‘just a blog’, much like WordPress’s page feature.
4. plugin manageability. or say Jet wants to be able to show her mood on her blog, yet Buffy doesn’t…Buffy would have the ability to leave that plugin off while Jet could enable it on hers if she so desired.
5. ease of use. I cannot stress this one enough. I host a lot of blogs on here (19 20 to be exact, (yes, I set up another one this morning) no, you don’t know where all of them are! :lol ) and some of them are for…shall we say…’technically challenged’ people (my wife is one of them, so no offense intended there!) I need something that they will be able to use with ease…or they won’t use it (and the blogging community would lose some great writers IMHO)
6. CMS, to understand what I want with this, take a look at the home page. I want something that will allow me to do this, without interfering with the rest of the operation! (and preferably without having to hack it to death like I did that page)
7. not required, but I would like to have people be able to ‘hide’ posts…password protect or registered users only…something like that…so they don’t have to worry if someone (ie: family member you’re bashing, your boss, etc…) stumbles upon your blog…or worse yet, just stop posting because you’re afraid of who’s reading it!

so…what have I looked at thus far?
This one seems more ‘community’ driven (instead of individual)…nice features, but seems more for web projects (like a school setup for example) not very simplistic.
like a ‘livejournal’ setup…I don’t really want to require people to register anywhere
WordPress MU
the only one I’ve actually tested out…it’s nice. I don’t like that blogs have to be in subdomains (I’ll refrain from getting technical on that one) a lot of features I would like, well, its not capable of those yet.
from what I understand, based on the same platform that wordpress was born from…seems to be just about what I’m looking for, but I’m concerned about the ease of use
recently renamed, looks fairly new. seems to have most features I’m looking for but the plugins are not available yet. Will definitely keep a close eye on this one
another one I’m keeping an eye on…and will probably be testing out a bit this weekend…offers a separate CMS and blog setup…but looks interesting (especially since I’d never heard of it before)
**updated to add, this is not a multi-blog system…so is out of the running**
whatever, or if, I decide to go with something else…I will, of course, ask for guinea pigs volunteers to help test it out, get their feedback, and decide if it’s something they would be interested in using.
I will, most likely, keep MT around for those that are not interested in switching over to something else (and I refuse to let any of you go back to using blogger *shudders*) so don’t worry you’re going to ‘have’ to learn a new platform…it’s up to you…but I’ll definitally keep searching until I find something worthy of the people on this site!

6 Replies to “playing around”

  1. Wowwwwwwwwwwwww….what a weekend you’ve put in. I knew you were looking. I didn’t know how many places were out there for you to consider. I’m confident that you’ll find the solution. You can’t be the Lone Ranger where this is concerned, so I bet the sites are moving forward as quickly as they can to snare those of you who are tiring of MT’s changes.I’m sure that you’ll see everyone’s hand go up when you ask for guinea pigs… *G*
    Thanks for all the hard work!

  2. weekend?
    heck, I’ve been at this for at least a month or better!
    one thing I’ve found…not many have the type of setup we have here (hey, I gotta be different! LOL)
    and I will take from your comment that you’ll be one of the volunteers? I’ll put you on the list 😉

  3. WordPress would be GREAT if it wasn’t so stiffy on the multi-blog, multi-user aspect… I loved WP – but the whole idea of duplicating the code across many sub-domains just wasn’t cutting it for me either. Honestly, that I am back with MT sez a lot about what’s out there for us multi-bloggers 🙁

  4. I have wordpress with my website but I don’t know how to install it.. as a matter of fact.. when I moved my site to a bigger space.. I screwed up MT LOL that’s why I haven’t posted in so long. Is word press easier than MT? Cause I need some major help!

  5. yes….I know the rule about speaking up. If you choose to be noticed then you can assume you get to be a guinea pig. (looking around…..) Psst….I know of another blogger….someone new here, that you might be able to tag for the job! *G* Let us know when you’re ready.
    Sorry about the missspeak. I knew that you must have been working on this for a lot longer than just the weekend.

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