RES Candles

“Oh, you make candles?”
I hear this question quite often, just about every time someone finds out about my business in fact, and it is usually, around 99% of the time, followed by another question…
“Why do you do that?”
To which my first thought is to respond with “why not?”, but I digress…

I love candles, seriously who doesn’t? But as you can see on our about us page, burning them can be somewhat hazardous to your health! It seems that I can always smell the paraffin burning more than whatever scent the candle is supposed to be, combined with it’s a petroleum based product, so that is not really something I want to have burning in my home.

All natural candles were what I was on the hunt for, I do not know about where you live at, but where I am located if (and that is a BIG if) you are able to find soy candles you will pay a small fortune for them, who wants to burn something you paid that much for?

Then the thought occurs to me “Hey, why don’t I just make them myself?” My desire was to make something that was unique, beautiful, and most of all affordable, I never wanted someone to say “oh that’s too pretty to burn”, which translates into: “I paid too much for this to burn it up, I’ll never be able to get another”. I want you to burn our beautiful candles and be able to look forward to getting the next one, without worrying about breaking the bank!