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I think focus on the family needs to focus on pulling their head out of their collective asses!!
More on the religious rights campaign against sponge bob
will sponge bob make you gay?
The video causing all the controversy
there is no reference to anything even resembling homosexuality, or even gender identity in this video, acceptance and love of family, yes, I failed to see anything more though!
While I’m on the topic, I’ve got a news flash for the people at focus on the family…NOTHING will MAKE you gay!!
Thats right, Nada, zip, zilch, you get the picture yet? You either are, or you are not, we don’t recruit, assimilate, or anything else in the gay community, we simply are, some of us it make take a while to realize it, but no one MADE us gay! :hammer
And certainly not an annoying little kids cartoon :fdup

4 Replies to “Perhaps…”

  1. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. The only thing they could reference as gay is the heart on the logo that is in a prism color. There is hardly anything dealing with Spongebob in it. Like two cuts from the Spongebob show. They are crazy….the only G Rated thing on TV and they have to make that a “gay issue”. I think they are so worried that they are about to come out of the closet that they have to blame their “gay tendencies” on something, so it does not reflect off them.

  2. Well there was that one episode where Spongebob and Patrick adopted a child together…..he he

  3. Very scary – it makes me wonder who is going to save us from the people trying to “save” our children. *shudder*
    I have to wonder, though, why are they only picking on Sponge Bob?

  4. I LOVE SPONGEBOB!!! He is the gayest! I mean HAPPIEST! Little cartoon ever!I can take a lot of things but dont pick on SPONGEBOB!

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