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about 4 days ago, I had a post typed up and ready to go…and my browser crashed…poof, all gone
I was to damn disgusted to try and retype it all. :angry
it was written after we had went to pride, and Ran and I had a very in depth conversation after looking at some pride stickers for her new car…
it goes without saying that it really pisses me off the way so many people view the GLBT community, even the ones that “love us, just don’t agree with us”. I don’t recall asking you to ‘agree’ with me, just quit discriminating against me!
I’d love to have just one of them tell me what is so different about the majority of us. I’m not talking about the ones they want to use to represent us, I’m talking about those of us who have jobs we work hard at, families we take care of, financial worries just like most other Americans, who live out our lives day to day just like everyone else…
we are just attracted to people of the same gender…perhaps to the point of wanting to spend the rest of our lives with that person, just like people of opposite genders do…and want other people to recognize our level of commitment to each other, just like they do for straight people.
someone PLEASE tell me, how in the hell that will affect ‘traditional’ marriage?!?!
we’re not asking for church sanctioned unions…my first marriage (to a man) was before a JP, I was considered just as married as someone who had been married in a big church wedding.
how is it right, to discriminate against an entire segment of the population? didn’t we go through this battle before (different groups, but same concept) it wasn’t to long ago that interracial marriages were illegal, (June 12, 1967 it was no longer illegal in any state)
the fact of it is, I don’t need my goverment, or someone who’s salary I contribute to, to tell me what I can or cannot do. I know my own mind well enough to know who I want to spend the rest of my life with, who I would want to make decisions for me if, goddess forbid, something should happen to me, (and the answer to that second question damn sure isn’t my family, or worse, my ex!)
you cannot legislate love…’outlawing’ us will not make us go away, it just pisses us off :flames

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  1. I am sure the other post was much better since it was fresh in our brains and you were nice and hot on the topic. However this one made it’s point. It is going to be a HUGE struggle to get equal rights in this country. (Funny how we have to fight to be equal huh?) We will get there one day with people like you in the LGBT community!! I have no doubt. We just have to DAMN THE MAN and FIGHT! Like so many others before of us have had to fight to be equal!

  2. I so freaking agree with you T. My latest paper in Comp II is regarding equality and it’s actually an argumentative paper. If you’d like, when I’m finished I’ll let you take a gander at it. I’m going to be pointing out a few of the 1,049 federal and state rights that we’re not awarded because we’re not married to people of the opposite sex and how it’s just plain discrimination and what I propose we do about it. 😀 This paper will have been 15 weeks in the making when it’s finished so I’m hoping it will strike a cord with some people! LOL
    Anyway- I totally agree with you and hope one day we’ll all be treated equally – I don’t think it’s too much to ask.

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