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With my upcoming ceremony, you can figure out for yourself why this would be on my mind…
This last week, not one, but TWO countries legalized gay marriage :scared
I know, whatever were they thinking???
How dare they have the nerve to let all of their citizens have equal rights!!!
Yes, I’m being sarcastic…but it did make me think….isn’t America supposed to be the ‘world leader’? or does that only count when we’re invading other countries? or talking about the size of our ‘weapons’? Because I’m sad to say, lately, it certainly hasn’t been in any other area.
Reading these almost brought tears to my eyes…This one, was made by the Prime Minister of Spain
Gay Marriage Speech
And this one…I want to change the word “Canadian” to American and send it to every Right Wing Religious Zealot out there!!
Gay Population finally gets some fair treatment
I watched a program on Showtime the other night, called “Same Sex America”, there was a member of congress (I believe) that said no one could tell him or give one example how denying gay’s marriage rights was a civil rights violation :confused11
No, I didn’t break my TV, but I did wonder when he would pull his head out of his ass and gain a little common sense.
How can you call, denying an entire group of people, who make up at least 10% of the population (if not more) the same rights and privileges of everyone else, anything BUT a civil rights issue???
This article in Newsweek sums up what I feel so beautifully. Equal rights are not ‘special’ rights, that’s all we’re asking for.
One final thought, with Pride month just coming to a close, and tomorrow being the day we celebrate our countries freedom, don’t you think it’s time we offered those same ‘freedom’s’ to everyone??
36 years this fight has been going on :shakehead
I can’t help but think, if people would just come to the realization that we’re really not all that ‘different’ things would change.
Imagine a day when you wouldn’t have to worry about how to “explain” it, you could just accept it for what it is. Two people, who care about each other, spending time together, wanting to spend their lives together…how is that any different than any straight couple out there?

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  1. I *just* saw the news about Spain. Gotta call the other half about that one after I finish this comment.
    Yes, this country is fucked…. and I want the same rights I was entitled to when I was married to a man ::shudders::… but…. with dickhead’s popularity at an all-time low, maybe NEXT TIME we can elect a president that won’t confuse religion with politics, law, and fairness.
    And yes, it would be nice to not have to “explain it” all the time. Very nice.
    (ps- I think I had already mentioned that the ceremony was a long shot for us, but just to confirm… there is no way for me to take off work ::sad frowning face cause I’d love to be able to go::…. I hope it’s amazing, fun, and a suitable beginning to a lifetime of wonderfulness 🙂 )- J

  2. Could not have said it better myself. I feel your pain and anguish. However fuck what the president, congress, and the rest of America thinks because 12 or 11 days from now (depending on which mom I ask) we will celebrate a wonderful MARRIAGE between two people I love very much. And it will be just as real and full of love as any straight marriage.

  3. Hey you – I hear you! I totally agree with everything you said in this post (and I’m glad to see you posting!!).
    I can’t wait for your ceremony! I know you’re excited as hell, aren’t you? :0) YOU SHOULD BE!!!

  4. ehh screw the bigots….Ran is right what matters is you two will have a MARRIAGE no matter what they say….Simon says stick your tounge out to the bigots and say nanny nanny boo boo don’t need no stikin’ law TYVM!!

  5. I’ve said before that there is too much hate in this world, and any time two people can find eachother and focus on love instead of hate, it’s a miracle. We don’t have to agree with, or even understand, every one’s relationships but we SHOULD give everyone the right to live as they choose, so long as those rights don’t impede on the rights of others. I don’t see how gay marriage influences my straight marriage in any way.
    I wish you and M the best, T. I hope that you’ve finally found the hapiness you’ve been seeking. Try not to let the negative things get in the way of the positives. Those “negative” things always seem to find a way to work themselves out. Lots of love!!

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