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It looks like a few things need to be clarified, and this is way to long to do it in a comment.
first off, I did not link you up, nor did I call you by name, it’s called a ‘trackback’ they would have had to read YOUR post first, where this shit started, to even know it was there.
second off, the comment was made to you, not Kristi, about it being none of her buisness how often I call my kids, I stand by my friend in that comment, how often I call them is between them and I, not you, or anyone else tyvm
the only comment made to Kristi was about who is she, because no one had seen or heard from her in these parts for a very long time until you posted what you did.
thirdly, no one had said jack shit to me about you until YOU CALLED MY EX, you put yourself in the middle of that one, and knowing you, and how you talk on the phone for hours, gave me, and by association them, cause to be worried.
I have never known you to be a “yes” person, yes, I have hung up on you many times, it was either that or say something that would have caused a major fight, and every time I was at work and couldn’t have really done that…but I think most people here have talked to me enough on the phone to know thats a crock of shit.
and the similarites between mine and Kristi’s situation is this….neither of us really knew what was going on in it, except for what you had told us, and that comment I will stand by, I no more know what was going on in her situation than the man in the moon, other than you called me in a panic one night about it, and I made the comment on the blog that started that war…same thing pretty much applies here, she hasn’t talked to me since…hmmm…well since that happened, so how can she know anything thats going on in my situation unless you have told her?
call me teflon if you will, hell, call me whatever the fuck you want, I’m simply stating my side…
and now, if you all will excuse this train wreck, I have to get to work

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  1. T…just DTB….you will DTB….follow the bouncing ball….DTB….. Then you will be TCB. = )~

  2. You know as hard as I’m trying…..I don’t get this….yes I acted out in anger and you responded, however, it has taken a life all of it’s own to where the whole point of our “private” conversation is now mute. However, in trying to understand ALL the ramifactions over the past few days “I Went To Garden Alone”. What I learned is this…….it doesn’t matter what I think or feel about how you act or don’t act with your children….that is your cross to bear!!! Not mine, not Kristi’s, not Ran’s and the list goes on…….it is something you have to do alone for good bad or indifferent. There was a time you called me friend and during the past year and long before the phone call to the X for your kids, and if we are completely honest even before the past year…..YOU choose to stop trusting ME. Maybe I gave you reason…*shrugs* at this point who cares? In summary, no matter what life changes you have in your life, no matter where you are in life……I just wish you happiness and request that you and other’s back off friends that I have made mistakes with in the past, yes T you included, but yet you aren’t squecky clean either, leave them alone. It APPEARS that it is okay that your friends can say whatever about me but when someone defends me especially with a history GAWD forbid ATTACK!!! I may or may not deserve that but SHE does not. I hope this makes sense……if not well at least I tried since I did try calling you to take it off line and you refused to answer my call or return it…… least I’m trying!!! You might see this as a sign of weakness however how I was raised what I am doing is shown as a sign of great back bone……..if we never speak again at least be happy T!!!

  3. I have to say I agree with Tara. I think it totally sucks that you have to deal with all this crap when you are trying to get ready for the happiest day of your life. I think it’s sad that for one reason or another, people can’t just let you be happy. I don’t know any of the people involved in this personally. But I can say this. You all have valid points. But lets keep one think in mind. This is a blog. This is a place for you to share your thoughts and feelings in whatever way you choose. It is perfectly okay to take issue with one another. Bash who you like. Trash who you like. But please don’t bring people’s children, or how they deal with them, or how they feel about them into a public arena. NOBODY knows what is going on between you and your children except YOU and THEM. And that’s the way it should be. No matter how it may or may not look to anyone else. They are allowed their opinions. But when it comes to your children, or anyone else’s for that matter, it is totally uncalled for. It’s just a low blow.

  4. Superfreak… This post shows your level of diplomacy. I think you’re trying to be fair to both of them and because of your post, I went back and read J’s post that sort of started all of this. I can see why people are upset at her post, but unless you are the person that she is talking about, most people wouldn’t put it together. But T saw the post and that pretty much was a flame to the fuel. If that post had been about me, I’m sure I’d be livid. At times, it HAS been about me, but my kids weren’t mentioned. At times, I’ve been the one to write a bitchy post about someone else knowing full well they’d probably read it. Sometimes, it seems much easier to approach a problem by writing it rather than saying it… or at least I think it’s easier because quite often (way TOO often) if I get mad my mouth becomes a machine gun and I use it as a street sweeper taking EVERYone out and then once my temper is abated I’ll see how cruel my words were. J was upset that T had hung up on her. J admits that the issue was how often T was speaking to her kids. Most of us would say that’s completely out of bounds, but from the time I’ve known the two of them, they pretty much throw all their cards out on the table with eachother and they know that they can have that discussion and whether they agree or not, they still loved eachother and all was well. Sometimes, circumstances just don’t work out that way. I think it’s just overload right now.
    On some levels, this all seems like grade school drama, but when you stop and look at the issues that both of them bring up about the other one, it makes me stop and think about how I would feel if that was happening to me. So as sad as it all is, maybe we should all just try to learn something by it. In many ways, that’s why I keep reading and commenting. I dealt with my own trauma last night (my son graduated high school~sob~. I’m in no shoes to judge either of them. I act before I think way too often!

  5. Ok that is it – FUCK IT TO HELL!! This will be the fucking end of it. T I am advising you as one your best friends to let go these people that have caused you torment, aggravation, frustration, and pretty much back stabbing to the point of no return.
    Anyone who knows T (and yeah Jaime from the look of it you don’t know her at all), knows how much she loves her kids. You are not the one holding her and wiping her tears when she talks to them. It doesn’t matter how I handle being a mother, nor you, or anyone else for that matter. It is how T has to handle it. And I am sorry for you since you don’t seem to get it, that the poor child was fucking almost brain dead the past two weeks from working 2 FULL TIME jobs, and not doing it on her back mind you. And what do you do as her best friend, but make the whole thing worse by hounding her day and night over something that is really none of your business to start with Jaime. And it really never was to begin with. Not to mention that the in the year and a half that I have known T this is the first time I have seen you so “worried” about her kids. And seems like you are only so “worried” to get shit started and make life worse for her, instead of doing what a friend should do and back the fuck off for a minute.
    Hopefully T my dear,you are like TEFLON as someone called you, and these so called friends like Jaime you have won’t stick. Because trust me hunnie you have friends that love you 100% without having to deal with bullshit like that. Oh and not to mention we love your kids 100% without having to speak to your fucking X husband.
    So fuck anyone who thinks that I am going to allow you to continue to push or hound my best friend because it won’t happen, I won’t allow it. I love her to much for her to have to endure this shit from so called “friends”!!!

  6. Ranran, I don’t think you’re being fair here at all. First, those kids called Jamie. They also called her on Friday to tell her all the awards they won at school, including one for the dad. That wasn’t her calling them, and she became a part of their lives because of their mother. I can understand you taking up for T, and I can understand where some of your frustration comes from. BUT… the issue here got started only because Jamie was trying to tell her that the kids were upset with their mom because they called her to find out if she’d talk to T. A Mother’s Day gift went unopened for over a week and the kids had worked hard to save the money for it. Of course their feelings were hurt and they just vented to her. You’re right, it’s no one else’s business when it comes to someone and their children, but the fact remains that we all have opinions about things whether they are our business or not. I think Jamie’s opinion comes from, in part, the fact that there IS a cell phone with T and though I understand she’s working alot of hours, it doesn’t seem like a big deal to pick up a phone and call, whether you have to leave a message or not. As parents, we have a responsibility to our children and sometimes it becomes necessary to put our one desires on hold to do what’s right by them. I didn’t work two jobs when I was a single mother. I didn’t go out and buy tatoos or plan a wedding that (at least by the blogging about it) is taking money out of a budget that I need to spend to go see my kids. I didn’t pay for all my roommates’ when they couldn’t afford their bills. And this ties in to the latest post on this blog: You say that heterosexuals believe that homosexuals lead lives of promiscuity. There’s a reason for that. I DON”T LIVE IN A HOUSE WHERE I’VE SLEPT WITH ALL OF MY ROOMMATES.
    So you know what? There does come a time when you need to stop running away and go home to face your children. DON’T be an absentee parent. My exhusband has done that to my kids and I can’t even tell you how bad that fucks with them. My son is 17, just graduated, and he has a HORRIBLE problem with self esteem, and he talks about wondering what’s wrong with him that HE wasn’t good enough for his dad to WANT to be in his life. Parents have an obligation to give everything they have to their kids and if you think that’s what’s happening here, I feel sorry for any children you may have.
    This whole fucking thing is pathetic. You talk about being there for T and holding her hand when she cries. How ’bout being there to help her with the decision to go home and be a mother to her kids, or at the very least, sacrafice the money or whatever so that she has, again… at the very least, time to pick up a fucking phone!

  7. Kristi, you are so far out of line it’s not even funny!!
    the issue here got started when someone felt the need to make public on their blog THAT I HOST!! about things that should not have been, fyi, Jamie had called me and we had talked about this, even if she doesn’t agree with me she has no buisness draging MY buisness onto her blog…whether or not she used my name is irrelivant, we obviously all knew who she was talking about, or else this shit would not have happpened, and she also has no buisness talking about it with you!
    And until you pay my bills, don’t fucking worry about what I spend my money on, I will have enough to go see my kids, never fear about that, and you don’t know what my roommates do or do not pay for…fyi, Ran offered to hand over her paycheck if I needed it to go get my kids, and has insisted that I go see them, so you have no buisness slamming her for ANYTHING. and she does have a child, belive me you have no reason to feel sorry for that little girl, how dare you say something like that!
    I DON’T live in a house where I’ve slept with all my roommates, I live in one where I’ve slept (as in had sex with) one person, and thats the one I’m marrying in July, tyvm, not that thats any of your buisness either!
    and finally, my kids never called her till she made the first move and called their father and talked to him for 4 hours, they’ve been to her house exactly 2 times, and he doesn’t have an answering machine, so if I call I couldn’t leave a message anyway.
    you DO NOT know the whole situation, nor the whole story, no one does, not even Jamie, except for me and my ex….so butt out!

  8. Actually, I believe it was YOU who pointed out to me that what you put on a blog invited people into your business and if you didn’t want anyone to know/comment about it, don’t put it out there.
    You’ve blogged about how much some of the items in your wedding cost. You’ve blogged about getting new tatoos. You’ve either blogged about having to pay for things for everyone else (especially when y’all went out to party after you got your income tax) or you’ve talked about it. You haven’t seen your kids in almost a year, if memory serves me correctly, and if you’ve got the money to do it and haven’t, that’s just sad.
    I don’t give a shit if she’s got a daughter or not, I just find it hypocritcal for her to write about people needing to stay out of the fight between you and Jamie, but that doesn’t seem to apply to her.
    You don’t have to worry about me posting anymore comments on this situation or any other, to be quite honest. You really need to check your priorities again because it appears you left them behind in Oklahoma.

  9. yes, that would be me, which is why I’m so upset that someone ELSE put MY buisness out there! it would be much different if I had put it out there, but I didn’t now did I?
    first off, this is not the wedding blog…I’ve only posted we’re getting married here, so how did you get the link, I know I didn’t give it to you. I guess one more example of people butting in where they don’t belong.
    I’ve never posted the cost of anything on it either, I’ve linked to things that might have had the cost on the same page, but that is quite different I believe.
    We haven’t gone to any party since I got my income tax, and I would NEVER post something like that on here anyway…I’m not one to go on and on about how much I spend or don’t spend on anything. and how many tattoos I get are none of yours or anyone elses buisness.
    and kristi, it’s a 17 hour drive from here to OK, which I do plan on taking in mid June, you seem to forget this little thing called a JOB I have…most of us have to work for a living, I for one, am not independently wealthy and can’t just take off anytime I like. nor can I lose a job and still have enough to make mutiple trips back ‘home’.
    If you think her viewpoint makes her hypocritical of this thing between jamie and I, then why the fuck didn’t you say that instead of attacking her child and parenting abilities!!!!!!!! YOU WERE OUT OF LINE and for the record, she lives with me and knows a hell of alot more about whats REALLY going on than YOU or jamie EVER WILL!!
    I will state again, you don’t know me, or my situation, except from a 3rd party, so unless you’ve gone back to school and become a judge since I’ve met you, and are sitting in a courtroom banging a gavel, back the fuck off!!!

  10. Well since I’m accused of the root of all evil in everyone’s life let me just state this ~ T you posted the link on the email list to New Cool which Kristi is a member of on January 24, 2005 so no help from me as once accused of with everything!!! Just wanted to clarify!

  11. First off (breathe) you don’t fucking know me. Actually you don’t know anything about the conversations that have transpired over the past months. Who in the fuck invited you into this conversation? Oh I am sorry the Queen of I AM FUCKING PERFECT!! I encourage T in every aspect of her life. I am not fucking living here for T and M to pay for any fucking thing for me. In fact they haven’t given me a dollar. I have two full time jobs, one being a single mother to my daughter (whose dad could care less about for the most part) and an acutal job, not to metion going to school. So don’t you ever fucking attack my parenting abilities or me. And the last time I checked bitch I haven’t fucked anyone in this house. Maybe that is your idea of a homosexual person that we sit around every night having orgies. Well fuck you bitch we don’t!!! I have done everything I can as T’s friend to make sure that she can go see her kids. And fucker let me tell yah, her tatto’s or her going out is none of your fucking business because with or without it she will get to see her kids. That is if her so called best friend can stay off the fucking phone with her X fucking yapping all night. Maybe they should be married I hear they both love the taste of alcohol so they should get along fine.
    And another thing it has became apparent to me, that is what you so called friends of T’s liked, when she was in OklaHELLa, having no life and being abused by her bastard of a husband. None of you bitches can stand it now that she has a life and acutally doesn’t give two flying fucks about what you all think. SO FUCK YOU.
    She will have her kids back one day, just because she has not disclosed her plans to Jaime (which why would she so she can go back to her X and blab after one to many bottles of wine.
    Like I said T, fuck em, with friends like this who needs enemies.
    And since Jaime is the all time fucking good mother then why doesn’t she post about the last time T was at her house. She did a strip tease for the whole fucking neighborhood, I guess she was real concerned with T’s kids when they were there huh?

  12. Last time I checked, the FBI takes very seriously communicating threats across states lines. FYI it is a felony to do that.

  13. Kristi– Okay. Now I’m pissed off. First off, who the fuck do you think you are? I have been sitting back reading this bullshit for the last few days, and I have not said a word. Now, you choose to make personal attacks on people you don’t even know. Well, let me tell you something. You are fucking with the wrong one. I don’t know either of you, and I really would rather not. But I do know Ran and T. How dare you jump all over someone you don’t even know! Ran has every right to stick up for her friend. Just like you did. Now you want to go and make it personal. I think you should get your facts straight before you go running your fucking mouth. We have every right to say what we want to on our Blogs. We have every right to put our own business out there if that is what we choose to do. Last I checked, this was T’s Blog. Not yours! I think you need to check the person who is feeding you all this bullshit. I feel it would be in your best interest to keep Ran’s and T’s name our of your fucking mouth. I can state for a fact that your information is WRONG!! And for you to get on here and make personal attacks on people you don’t even know shows just how ignorant you really are. If I wasn’t so pissed off right now, I would probably be laughing at how fucking stupid your accusations sound. And like I said before, how anyone chooses to raise their children is none of YOUR business. Besides….why are you so fucking worried about how they live? Do you have no life of your own? You must be really bored. You have nothing better to do than sit on your computer trying to figure out ways to look ridiculous. If all we as lesbians do is sit around in a house fucking all day, there would be no straight people. Geez!! Get a clue. Maybe that’s what you sit around fantasizing about, but sweetie, let me be the one to break it to ya, we have lives, we have children, we have responsibilities, and we have jobs and bills to pay. It’s really not nearly as interesting as you make it out to be. Or maybe you just have a few sexual issues of your own. Whatever your problem is, find somewhere else to work them out. Are you really that jealous of them? If you are, then maybe it’s you that should be asking yourself if you are a good mother. Now, shut the fuck up and get some dick in your life!! Maybe if your man was fucking you right, you wouldn’t be so fucking worried about what other people are doing behind their closed doors. Get a fucking life. And back the fuck off!!
    And By the way….go ahead and dig up whatever information you can on me. I’m ready for your stank ass! Oh, let me guess…..I’m a bad mother too. I sit around neglecting my children while I fuck all day….is that what you’re going to come up with? Try something new for a change!

  14. Superfreak, you have made valid points, however to say you have remained silent is incorrect…… were one of the first of few to post and what you wrote was insightful…however on this post….you state to Kristi not to speak of those “she doesn’t know”, yet you readily admited outside of internet lines you know none of the parties involved. Kristi knows me personally, has met and had some dealings with T, so I guess I’m the one that needs to be taken out of the mix, according to your own words. However, where you did screw up is here… called Kristi out on so many FALSE issues it isn’t even funny, most importantly it is sad!!! “I” made the mistake IN ANGER after being hung up on, during making a post of similarities, incorporating the point of the slaming of the phone in my ear on my blog. I didn’t link, “TRACKBACK”, name or otherwise ANYONE ~ I stated my views, which according to your OWN words, TEREAS OWN WORDS and RANS OWN WORDS, completely within realm of blogging. Tereas however, let me term this appropriately, “TRACKBACKED” my comment, but yet refused to read Kristi’s previous post of a similar situation. The irony of it all is how clouded everything has become, to which I have read and truely believe, I was baited and tested in a friendship level. I don’t play that way I don’t play at all where children are involved, but it doesn’t change the fact of things that were said about a person I once called friend in defense and one I will still call friend ~ all she has to do is sit in front of a computer and pass judgement? You guys are so quick to throw out “until you walk someone’s shoes……etc etc” Have ANY of you taken on a child and a child custody battle where I was a factor not in her favor and raise that child as your own???????? From what little I DO know, provide the facts are correct from my 3rd party individual, I think not……so do NOT EVEN go there with Kristi……she defended ME just as all of you came out in force to defend Teresa, and she found all her information on this web site or at least one of yours as well as a mutual email list she doesn’t control via Tereas’s own words……I still stand by the fact it is bottom line no matter how you or anyone wants to destorte it ABOUT THE CHILDREN!!!! And yes Teresa, I have heard you’re views about how I raise mine……at least I still have mine in my house…..

  15. ok, I said I wasn’t going to come back here but Jamie sent me an email about all of this, so.. what the hell.
    First off… I should NOT have gotten mad and started swinging my (verbal)fists, but I did so I’ll deal with that. However, the threats issued here are laughable and you should both recognize how 5th grade it all sounds.
    Superfreak You’ve made some valid points, but on the other hand, you don’t have all the information… NONE of us have ALL the information.
    This situation almost mirrors a situation that happened on my husband’s blog where Teresa came out swinging at my husband and I when he wrote about a situation involving Jamie. It didn’t involve Teresa or even mention a single thing about her (because it wasn’t about her) but she went off, threatened me with insinuating that she had information that a judge would LOVE to hear regarding my life. We had either just finished our custody battle with Craig’s ex or were close to the end (I don’t remember the dats, but we won both times we were in court). Anyway, just as Teresa was wrong in that situation (and admitted it) I was wrong to go off on here and I’m going to have to deal with that to Teresa. I’ve never professed to being “above” all this and I’ve tried to understand y’all backing Teresa while putting me and Jamie down for backing eachother. It’s hypocritcal, and sounded ridiculous. While I respect y’all for backing your friend (obviously, I did the same thing) there comes a time when the arguments get so twisted that the initial focus is completely lost and I believe that is the case here. But Teresa and Jamie have differences of opinion all the time regarding a myriad of topics but they just accept it as a difference of opinion and move on. This time everyone else jumped in the mix, and could be responsible for the two of them never resolving their differences, though I did read that Jamie called Teresa last night, so maybe they already have.
    Ranran, as far as threats go: How ridiculous and childish. My father was Golden Gloves light heavy weight NATIONAL champ and taught all of us how to punch almost before anything else. Having that training from an early age really instilled in my the confidence to protect myself, but also to recognize the futility in a physical altercation. But I’ll be happy to give you my address (in fact, we’re in the book) if you’d like to come on down to Texas.
    Lastly, what I said about your parenting skills I meant. If this is how you really are (narrow minded is how I see it, but admittedly I only know of you what I read on here. So it’s just how I see you based on that) then I feel sorry for your child. If that bothers you, sorry. I recognize that I have “issues” that have been passed on to my children that I’d rather that they didn’t get, and to avoid that I needed to change my own behavior. That’s not attacking your parenting skills, that’s just being realistic about human nature.
    Lastly, (and this isn’t meant as an attack but will probably be viewed as one) I have never lost custody of my child. I have two kids, 17 and 15, and Craig’s daughter, who is 11. They all live with us and have all chosen to to not see their other parent. My kids stopped talking to their dad because they got tired of him not calling for over a year, he moved four hourse away (but that was only because he got transferred) letting his wife treat them like dirt, forgetting their birthdays… I could go on and on. Kyra stopped going to Laura’s because her mother knocked the shit out of her (in the face!). SO I raise all three of this kids and a judge has affirmed TWICE that they belong with us. But that doesn’t change the pain they feel from feeling like they don’t come first with their parent. We don’t have time to blink most days because we are on the run with one or the other of them for their sports. We bear the financial burden for all three of them. My daughter travels all over the WORLD for her sports and her own father doesn’t pay a dime, not to mention he doesn’t show up to the events. It hurt my son, no matter how mad at their father he is, that the asshole did’nt even show up to graduation… they don’t ever outgrow the pain of that. Whether it was Jamies business or not, she was just trying to encourage Teresa to do things differently with the kids because they had told her that they don’t talk to their mother but a couple of times a month. Whether that’s true or not, who knows… but Jamie didn’t write anyone’s name on her blog. Yes, Teresa would read that blog and know it was about her… but it’s not like she was JUST finding out Jamie’s stance on that. The only reason anyone ELSE should have known who it was that was mentioned on her blog is because someone told them.
    I hope all of y’all can put it behind you. I’m going to.

  16. Oh yeah, forgot one thing. My husband is quite adept at taking care of business in every way. He makes sure I’m taken care of and I don’t deserve a man like him and I thank God for him every day. Everyone should be as lucky as I am…

  17. Funny how all of a sudden someone is calling the FBI for threats that were never made and punches that were never going to be throw. Hunnie when I say don’t fuck with me or I will fuck you over, that is not a threat it is a promise, and by the way, it doesn’t involve one punch being thrown.
    Say what you would like to say about me, that is your opinion. Like you have all said a hundred times over you don’t know the whole story or me for that matter. I am not going to try to change your mind, I would rather you hate me. That is one less person that I have to deal with in the world. Yippee for me!!
    It is now gone from T having to defend her stance as a mother to me having to defend my stance as a mother because yet again Jaime has to stir more and more shit. Don’t worry about my child I see her everyday and I take very good care of her. End of story. And again my and m family is none of your business.
    You have all agreed it was done in anger and that you don’t know both sides of the story so fucking let it go. It was none of your business to begin with. Wether names were mentioned or not, there are many people that knew who was being talked about, all because she had to throw temper tamtrum because she got hung up on. Boo hoo!
    Bottom line if she didn’t have her nose in it to begin with she would not have gotten hung up on and just to turn around and put it out there to piss T off even more. So Jaime you got what you wanted, you got everyone riled up and finally you found someone to defend you. Well I am glad that you got some attention finally since T neglected you for so long. (Want to talk about childish)I hope all the shit that has happened makes you very happy. But the bottom line is you have made your friendship worse than ever. Proud of yourself now?
    I will not speak on this subject again. I will not defend myself here again. I have spoke my opinion to T, and I hope with my heart of hearts she follows it. She will be better off. We all in this house, who are family, have better things to look forward to.
    I love my two mommies, and that is the end.

  18. Don’t know who the lost custody comment was directed at but I have never lost custody of my child. So if it was meant for me then you were wrong yet again. Hmmm wonder who attempted to tell you about that?
    Ok I am done just had to put that out there.

  19. Once again you are wrong Krisit. I’m not sure what you have been reading. Aparently, you havn’t been paying attention. I do know T and Ran both personally. Otherwise why would I have taken such offense? Anyway, this is childish. You are so caught up in your opinion that it is obvious you aren’t listening. So why even justify what you say with another comment? I won’t.

  20. Speaking of childish….? Your two mommies comment…? How fucking old are you? Stop trying to assume that you DO know both sides of the story. You put Jamie down for something and then went to your own blog and wrote not only about her as a mother but also about her family and even their faith.
    If you bothered to read Jamie’s blog, you’ll see that she and Teresa have talked… I think that says all that needs to be said. Childish or not. However, I happen to admire your ability to put people down for something then turn around and do it yourself. You made fun of Jamie calling Teresa the Teflon Woman, but I think you’ve won that title at this point.
    Let me put it this way, if I have anything I need to say to you after this, it will be in an email, not here. But you’re really just a waste of my VALUABLE time. If you need my address or phone number so that you can “kick my ass” lemme know. I’ll buy you a fucking plane ticket (cuz I DO have the $$ for that) to make sure that you have the opportunity to keep your promise. Go for it! And for the record… Jamie only lives about 30 minutes from me, and she’s ok with me driving you to her house for her own ass whoopin’. See, we’re not hard to find. I didn’t hear anyone threaten to call the FBI… I believe he just let you know that it could get you in trouble. I’ll be waiting anxiously (ha!) for you.

  21. Hmm dumbass I was there with T when she was on the phone with Jaime.
    Thank you I accept my title as Teflon women! (bows to audience) At least that way I know all the stupid shit you people sit around talking won’t stick to me, so thank you again Kristi.
    The FBI comment came from Jaime while she was on the phone with T. Again I was there. Fully aware of the conversation.
    And again no one mentioned fighting you. What would that accomplish. I have no use for either of you. And any type if physical fighting isn’t going to prove anything. That is your childish was of thinking. I never mentioned throwing a single punch. Read between the lines.
    And as far as the my two mommies comment goes, umm that is a personal joke between T, M, and myself so of course you wouldn’t get it. So if you think I am childish, then you must think T and M are as well.
    You keep saying I am a waste of your time however you keep coming back time and time again. So stupid you must not have any valuable time.
    And I act like I know both sides of the story the same as you.
    Again I am out of this so bitch back off and leave me the fuck alone. I am done with you and Jaime you are both ignorant with nothing to do since you don’t work.
    Don’t not direct comments at me any longer or email me. Because I will not respond. You are childish, and I need to quit reading comments from you before you inflict damage on my as you done your own kids by your own admission.
    Have a good day and a nice life.
    Ta ta!

  22. My goodness! Look what happens over the period of a couple of days. Wow.
    (clearing throat) T or Ran – if you guys need anything or need to vent, just give me a call. 🙂 Goodness – I can’t believe all of the stuff that I’ve read. LOL – Golden Gloves light heavy weight – now that comment was relavent. LOL Anyway – I hope you guys have a better week this week.

  23. Wow… something just dawned on me. Jamie posted that she could never have a private conversation with Teresa because of y’all, and you just validated that.
    And you’re right, I didn’t have anything to do so I read stuff on the internet. I can do that because I have a good husband and I’m good enough at my own job (housewife and mother) that I have time to fuck off. But what’s your excuse? How is it you are listening in on Teresa and Jamie’s conversation in the middle of the night, when Jamie called her at work on her cell phone. You’re either A)coming into work which means youre not doing your job or B)lying…I’m just taking your advice and reading between the lines. Oh, and btw… if you weren’t coming in to work, you should be home with your kid at that hour. But hey, none of my business… just an observation. But what do I know… I’m just a stay at home mom.

  24. As stated previously I am letting it go. My kid is not a concern to anyone, except me. She does not need to be mentioned here again. PERIOD.

  25. I’d just like to apologize to everyone for my insulting comments. I stand by my support of Jamie, only because I know the history between the two of them and they’d always been able to be brutal with eachother and move on. Right now, that doesn’t seem to be working for them. I hope everyone will accept my apology… I don’t know what else to say other than I hope teresa just deletes all of the comments.

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