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I figured out the coolest thing the other day!
Using the ‘otherblog’ plugin on this blog has been nice, but in order for the most current comments from the other sites to show up, I’ve had to go in and manually rebuild the site…
not anymore!
While surfing around the other day I found this over at mt-plugins site. Basically how I did it, is upload the files to my mt directory, and add a Cron job to run (I didn’t even edit the file!!)
The Cron that works for my server is
/usr/bin/perl /home/username/public_html/mt/ -mode=all -blog_id=#
replacing the ‘username’ with your username, and the # with what the blog number is you’re wanting this to work on.
Also remember, if you have MT in your cgi-bin, that will need to go between public_html and mt (or whatever the path is on your particular server for MT)
And now, with no assistance from me…it updates all on it’s own *S*
Download mt-rebuild files here.

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