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you’ve got to be kidding me!
So this is the worst thing he can come up with to make an issue about right now?
I must have missed something here…like whatever it was that makes him an authority on raising children (we all know his own turned out SO well!) not to mention what makes him an expert on what is right for every person in America.
However, it doesn’t look like some other ‘experts’ agree with him on the whole ‘family’ issue…
The nation’s leading child welfare, psychological and children’s health organizations also have issued policy or position statements declaring that a parent’s sexual orientation is irrelevant to his or her ability to raise a child. Many also have condemned discrimination based on sexual orientation in adoption, custody and other parenting situations and called for equal rights for all parents and children. Further, several of these organizations also have issued statements declaring that a parent’s gender identity and/or physical appearance is irrelevant to his or her abilities as a parent
(**and not just one group, several links to groups that feel this way on this page**)
This part also jumped out at me
We are also working to make sure that the Federal Government does not penalize marriage. My tax relief package eliminated the marriage penalty.
What marriage penalty? Last I checked, single/no dependents were the ones paying in the most, while married filing jointly was substantially lower (in most cases)
Last point…I wonder, if it’s more that coincidence, that his “Marriage Protection Week” (protection from what??) starts the day after “National Coming out Day” (which is today BTW :smile )
We’re not asking for “special” treatment, we just want the same treatment and rights everyone else is entitled to!
Click here to tell the President not to support discrimination
Click here to sign the Million for Marriage petition

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