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I run Win2k at home, after having ME for about a year and a half or so (no rotten tomatoes please!)
The feature I liked most about ME was the image viewer it had, 2000 does not (that I have found) so is constantly taking over my browser window to open an image in…which was driving me nuts when I wasn’t finished with what I was working on!!
So today, I found a neat little program that works across all platforms, that does the same thing and more…opens in a little pop-up window, you can email and ftp from this window, open it in an image slicer, and an optional feature is the ‘right click’ menu…right click on the image and it gives you a preview and image size right there (handy when coding pages by hand, like I do).
best of all, its FREE! and download the ‘CoffeeCup Free Viewer Plus’
Another cool program that I have found, is Trillian…it does have a free version, I’m not certain if they’ve got the patch to unblock yahoo yet (they are working on it however) but Trillian Pro is definitely worth the $25.00 you pay for it…you can access icq, yahoo, msn, AOL, and irc (I don’t use irc so can’t tell you much about how it works with that) setting preferences for each program is a snap, and it will even tell you when you have email with yahoo, msn and AOL (just like the stand alone programs!)
The last one today, is one I’ve used for ages, and it’s recently been improved.
The google tool-bar has added a pop-up blocker!! The nice thing about this one is it won’t prevent pages from opening in a new window like so many of them will…you can search the web or the page you’re on right there…and if you’re into that sort of thing, can see the ‘page ranking’ of the page you’re on also…very customizable, and easy to set up…and if you’re using blogger (and I’m sorry if you are *s*) you can even blog from it!
**note: no, I’m not getting paid to promote any of these programs, they just happen to be some I use and think are useful so I wanted to share them with you :smile **