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So I was searching high and low for a script or plugin that would let me pull in comments from another blog on the same MT installation, but it seemed every one I tried gave me a lovely 500 error before I got a chance to test it out, or required me to have a MySql database, and I’m happy running Berkley DB.
I did find a plugin that would let me pull in posts from another blog (called Otherblog) that worked with my configuration, so I sat and figured out how to modify it to work with comments instead of posts.
Much to my surprise, it worked! So, I thought what better way to get this blog restarted with a bang.
You will need the Otherblog plugin, installed in your plugins folder (you might have to create this) where MT is installed, then place this code in your template where you want it to show up:

<MTOtherBlog blog_id=”1,6“>
<MTComments lastn=”2“>
<$MTCommentAuthor$> said:<br />
<$MTCommentBody trim_to=”75“$><br />

The bolded numbers can be changed, obviously the blog_id would be changed to the id of your blog you want to pull the comments off of, and you can do this with more than one.
The lastn=”” can be set to however many comments you want to show.
The trim_to can be set to however many characters you want to pull in, or can be removed to show the entire comment.
Its very basic, but it works! Play around with it and see what you can get it to do.

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  1. I’m using OtherBlog on one of my projects, and love what it’s allowed me to do so far. Never thought about using it with the comments though, and I’m guessing this idea may come in handy. Thanks!

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