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I was told yesterday and I quote “everyone has a problem with you (insert my name here)”
to which I responded “well, I haven’t found that to be the case”
which is true, naturally we have to consider that the source of this comment was my ex, who I’m certain does have a problem with me, as do most of his family (note I said most, not all)
you see this conversation came about when the kids got back from working with him and they called so I could talk to them. I reminded him that I had the boys back packs at my house still as they did not take them back to his place after i picked them up from school, I asked did he want me to drop them off now or wait and take them to school in the morning after I got off work, he said “if you want to pick them up in the morning that would be fine, but daddy’s here” (his dad)
I said, I know, I don’t have a problem with him, does he have a problem with me?
to which I heard that reply…
EVERYONE has a problem with you”…
Well now…is that so?…
Let’s look at a few things shall we?
when he and I were married I was considered a ‘daughter’ by his daddy, and yes the man had issues with it when we divorced but never seemed to have any ‘problems’ until I grew a backbone and his son started slandering my name to everyone in his family. same goes for his brother and everyone else he is related to.
everyone would also include my family now wouldn’t it? I suppose thats the reason they are behind me 100% in this whole matter? They did have a ‘problem’ at one point…with him..taking off in the middle of the night with their grandkids!!
My friends would also have a ‘problem’ with me, correct? (and I’m including on and offline ones here) again, I think the ‘problem’ happened when my EX decided to get a wild hair up his drunk ass and call some of them in the middle of the night and threaten them…I know for a fact the MAJOR problem one of them had was was this; you were drunk, called her several times making threats, were offering to ‘meet’ her husband 1/2 way for a fight WITH THE KIDS
yes..thats right, driving while drunk on your way to meet someone you don’t know from Adam to ‘try’ and kick his ass..(yea right, I’ve seen you fight before remember? not a pretty site)
But I’m getting off topic here…
I mean after all,
the ‘problems’ are with ME…

6 Replies to “Problems?”

  1. well, speaking personally, i don’t have a problem with you at all 😉 (far from it!)
    seems to me your self-esteem shot up out the ceiling after you left him. damn right, too. what a nutcase.

  2. Hey, the only PROBLEM I have with you is that you do not post often enough! i guess you do it when you can, no pressure on you here.
    Never mind Red Eagle, the world teems with asshalfs (not even good enough to be called an asshole). I wonder to whom I refer?!

  3. problem with you NEVER sweets, HIM most definately since “I’m” the one he kept calling and calling and threatening….GGRRRRRR….those conversations still light my ass up! He’d call, I’d hang up, he’d call right back, until he finally woke everyone in my house up and Steve got on the phone….that Ex of yours needs help!!!! I’m glad you got a backbone where he is concerned and started standing up for yourself, you are a much happier person and your self esteem has grown in leaps and bounds since the day you got out of that mess. Mwwwaaa to you darlin’ and I’m VERY proud of you!

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