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I will figure this out.
Apparently, the dick-head I used to be married to has been reading my blog…again…
how he manages this, I have no idea, since he doesn’t own a computer.
but once again, he thinks he knows more about whats going on in my life than actually is…
for example…according to him, everyone I talk to on-line thinks they’re a witch
that’s interesting…and also news to me!
:wtf, my sexuality didn’t get you anyplace in court, so now my spirituality is going to be called into question?
and what is the purpose of all this investigation? everything has been settled (for now) and why would you care who I talk to, or what I believe, you never did before…and you’re hardly a model of ‘Christianity’ yourself there guy!
he also wants to discuss the matter of my vacation, and what I’m doing then…hell my vacation is not even in the works yet! nor will it be for some time due to us being short handed…
then tells me “you need to remember that you’re their mother and spend time with them”
I spend every day with them (all total, probably more of their waking hours than he does) yet, “I never spend any time with them”
I tell you what his problem is…and yes, I did tell him this…
“No one is more aware of the fact I am their mother than I am…the problem YOU have, is remembering that I’m not your wife!”
yea…it did feel pretty good :biggrin

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  1. DICKHEAD!!!!!!! Don’t be shy add comments I DARE YA!!! Just one question for ya what’s wrong with witches???? Remember what the 31st and my brew is a boiling which has your name written all over the spell – welcome to witchie hell!!! If you have balls enough to read this blog and or other’s at least have the balls you claim I use the word claim “loosely” to make your presence known!!!! Ohhh wait forget you KNOW EVERY THING ROFLMAO!!! Translation for the dickhead – rolling on the floor laughing my ass off!!! Gawd T – I love ya – but HOW did you manage to have 3 wonderful boys and such a stupid troll called a hubby aka DICKHEAD!!!! Please tell me it was the milkman!!!

  2. …errrrmmmm…I’m a witch and so is my wife…or is that a which??…I can’t spell – which I suppose means I’m not a witch then :^)…
    …oh, and by the way – happy b’day…jamie told me I had to come over here and wish you all the best…and I do what she tells me [in case she turns me into a towed – she meant to turn me into a toad but I promised never to mention her spelling :^)]

  3. Happy belated birfday from one of your male witches…(if there are such things.) Hey, there is no discrimination at this site regarding gender or sexuality is there? So, again, Happy Birthday from a male witch friend. I’m having some of my favourite brew (Appleton VX) and cooling out on a Friday nite in your honour.
    As for the X. (Wonder if he will bite into a razor blade laced apple tonight?) Did I say that??? Witch indeed! 🙂

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