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well…apparently the person I was training decided he couldn’t hack it either…he decided to call in and quit 2 1/2 hours before his shift started tonight…:angry
will someone please tell me why in the HELL, I’m feeling guilty about not being able to go in? :hum
I’m not the manager…
yes, I would get overtime…$10.50 an hour (mind you, I’ve already got 7 1/2 hours of OT this paycheck)
I’ve got 2 kids here sleeping…no way can I go in…my boss and I have both been up since 4:30 am…but she’s the one working tonight…we can’t find anyone else that can cover it.
and I’m feeling guilty…:fdup
I’m also mad as hell because I find it hard to believe someplace is going to call you at 8pm at night, and offer you a job, but only if you start the next day! (yea, I was born yesterday and fell for that line of crap :uhoh3)
to top it all off, we also found out tonight that inspection is Wed. which means everyone is going to be working their asses off until that’s over
well…better get :sleeping…who knows when I’ll get another night off

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  1. actually, I’ve been called at night before to start a job the next day, but it’s been through a temp service. Hope everything gets better with all the OT at work.. my new job is kicking my butt and I’m already about to go to bed!!((Hugs))

  2. in that situation I have to carla…but there are no temp services around here, and why would you go through a temp service when you already had a full time job?
    just doesn’t add up…

  3. Hey! Don’t feel guilty! They WILL get by without you. You deserve the break, in fact you need the break. When you take breaks, you’re better for it. Be good to yourself and take more breaks.

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