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I have been bombarded with phone calls tonight…(and no Jet, not only from you)
it seems that the EX, in his infinite ‘child rearing’ wisdom, has decided I don’t know what the FUCK I’m doing.
now mind you, until the last 2 years I was the ONLY one that took care of the children when they were sick, often times being sick myself while doing so, but does he remember this? oh hell no!
for some reason he now seems to think that he’s the ‘be all, end all’ of illness in children.
Let’s start from the beginning shall we?
My youngest started running a fever Sunday, while he had them out of town, now mind you they still went to work with him (outside, I might add) but this was a low grade fever that my middle one had had the week before, it has no other symptoms and it didn’t really slow them down that much for that long!
so we come to last night, he decided he wants to stay with mama, not a problem, so I go get him, he said he had just given him some medicine and that his fever had been about 101.3 (or thereabouts)
so last night, his fever breaks, I get 2 phone calls this morning asking how he is etc…he’s fine! eating like a horse and cool as a cucumber…
we run a few errands today, the whole time we’re gone I make sure to keep an eye on him, asking him how he’s feeling etc, he keeps telling me he feels good.
we pick up his brothers and cousins from school and RIGHT BEFORE I we did that I felt of his head, still cool, we take the kids over to his dad’s house and he said he wants to stay there and play with them…not a problem
BTW, he still has not had any medicine, or NEEDED any medicine all day.
I get a call, about 20 min after getting home, saying his fever is 100.7 and when was the last time I gave him anything?
so now, my phone has been ringing off the hook tonight because according to him “if he had been checked today, I’m sure he would have been given medicine”
so obviously insinuating that I did/do not take proper care of my kids? and that I’m not concerned (yes he actually asked me that!)
If I thought I had reason to be concerned, I would be…however I “know” I taught him better than this, and that there is nothing seriously wrong, it just needs to run its course, and he needs to get over the fact that we are NOT married anymore and I’m NOT going to come running to his aid anytime he wants me to…
Be careful what you wish for Jr. your getting a small taste of it now, enjoy it while it lasts *weg*
I leave you with this…
Fever in Children…A Blessing in Disguise
and this excerpt, the rest can be read at the site…
Children often tolerate fevers quite well, although high temperatures may cause parents a great deal of concern. Still, it’s best to be guided more by how your child acts than by any particular temperature. If your child has a fever but is responsive, drinking plenty of fluids and wants to play, there’s probably no cause for alarm.
Call your doctor if your child is listless or irritable, vomits or has a severe headache or stomachache. But don’t treat low-grade fevers (generally an oral temperature between 99 F and 101 F) with any medications unless advised by your doctor.

8 Replies to “OK, it’s been a while”

  1. First off ~ gee whiz thanks for throwing my ass under the bus ~ I had a legitimate issue that I needed immediate attention too *S* so pppfffff….
    Secondly, more importantly, and more serious, your ex husband is a F****** IDIOIT!!!! With the change of the weather, the viruses that the kids at school carry and are brought home etc etc etc. And obviously he is very unaware of the fact the time fever is likely to rise is at night? I talked with you several times today and listened to him in the background laughing, talking and begging for more food. I know from experience of dealing with this idioit on how he gets on his kicks of the be all, know all individual in life…..if he is still calling tell him it is time to put the alcohol aside and go to bed so he can be in sound mind, or what little he has of a mind, to take care of his son or else you’ll come pick him up.
    Can you see this man pisses me off as well!!!!!!

  2. ah shit, hon. Most men are medical idiots. Personally I think he just trying to push your buttons, and you should just start laughing in his face when he pulls something like this. *nods*

  3. *sigh*
    My wife’s ex is like that. He’s “superdad” on the phone spouting orders, at what should be done.
    … when he’s not cancelling visitation visits for [insert excuse here]

  4. Ya shoulda lemme talk to him!!! *vweg*
    He’s the type who IMHO [whatever the frell humble is] believes in medicating a child at the slightest sign of a hiccups gone astray … be leery of that & make a note of that for the court case!! ;o)
    *BIG HUGS T*

  5. What I don’t understand is how the kids are fine when they’re with you and ONLY when he has them do they show illness… It sounds like he’s trying to get attention through their “perceived” illness… Isn’t there a term for that psychological disorder?????…

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