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If you came here today looking for my thoughts/views on the war in iraq, sorry, you’re going to have to wait for another day…I’ve tried my best not to become ‘caught up’ in this as I have a tendency to do at times, mostly due to the fact that I have way to much going on in my life personally right now to deal with matters I have no control over.
Do I have thoughts on it, yes of course I do (this is me you’re talking to, remember?) but it’s not in the forefront of my mind…
As some of you may know, last week (Wednesday to be exact) was our court ordered mediation, which really didn’t have a ‘good’ outcome, however it really didn’t have a ‘bad’ one either…it just didn’t turn out like I would have hoped
The good parts; we are both still considered ‘primary custodial parent’ (you will see why this is a problem in a moment)
it’s set in writing now when we have the children, when the other parent has the children we have ‘first right of refusal’ meaning if they need childcare, etc…we have to go to the other parent first, and if they are willing/able that is the childcare we use. (this has pretty much always been the way it is, one or the other of us has the children all the time) basically it means if I get called into work while I’m supposed to have the kids then I ask him to watch them, and while he’s supposed to have the kids and they get out of school I still pick them up and keep them with me until he gets home from work.
we no longer have to ‘ask for permission’ from the other parent if we want to do something with the kids, if it’s our time to have them, and we want to take them somewhere (providing they don’t have school the next day) we can do that with no BS from the other party…trust me this is a major issue! Before I couldn’t even go to my friend Jet’s with them, simply because he said so! :angry
The bad parts I discovered have to do with new laws here in Oklahella…apparently a law had been amended that deals with this, not as badly as the lawyers thought it had been, but not what I was expecting just the same…I found the document on-line, here is the part I’m talking about…
*empasis added by me in parts*

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    You know my opinions & thoughts on all you posted … know I’m always a holler away!!!

  2. Well Jeez! That makes no sense to me at all that they did not appoint a Primary custodial parent! And as Diz said you know what you need to do Teresa!! He aint never played fair so why should you have to be the one to suffer to keep his ass outta jail??? I would do any and everything I had the power to do to see that he gets exactly what he deserves!And in my opinion that is jail time! GRRRRRRRRRR

  3. Yikes! That sucks! You know what, though? I have total faith in you. Hang in there and show ’em how it’s done, girl! Praying for you and sending good thoughts. 🙂

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