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Shrub has officially said it, I wonder what the F**k he’s so damn afraid of?
Not sure what I’m talking about? Click here to find out!
You know, I’m all for standing by your beliefs, and if you practice a religion, I’m fine with that to, however, when it starts to interfere with MY life, you pissed me off!!!
I didn’t vote for the SOB, (didn’t vote for his daddy either), my religion is NOT his religion, so how come he seems hell bent on cramming his down my throat?? (hello!! separation of church and state! unless he’s managed to ban that, it’s still in effect)
And what LEGAL reason do they have for wanting to ‘reserve’ it? the only thing I’ve heard spouted off is moral arguments, and I’m seriously tired of them trying to push their morality off on me to!
It pisses me off that in this ‘so called’ land of the free, I’m not free to legally marry someone of my choosing…hell, why do they need to make it a law? It’s not legal now, you can’t get a same sex marriage anywhere in america (no, civil union is not the same folks!) so what’s the deal?
Yea, that REALLY struck me the wrong way :angry

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  1. I’m not surprised. Really, it was only a matter of time before he said these words…
    what I’m kind of curious about is whether he’ll keep the Log Cabin vote now…
    Gods, I hope the queer community really rallies in 2004 because this man just shouldn’t be in office…

  2. I typed the same thing and then deleted it…he needs to GO! (shouldn’t have been there in the first place, but thats another story)
    not surprised, not at all…but still mad as hell!

  3. Well, he may have given you the ammunition you need to pursue the issue. I’m surprised that the ACLU hasn’t addressed this.

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