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OK, in the wake of this, as I’m sure most of you know the vatican has this to say.

“Directed to Roman Catholic bishops and legislators worldwide, the guidelines declare that lawmakers have a “moral duty” to oppose laws that grant legal status to gay couples.”

they’re kidding, right? the Catholic church has the nerve to talk to anyone about morals??
I think personally, shrub needs to focus more on his foreign policy, instead of whether or not the ‘correct’ people are falling in love and want to spend their lives together.
Besides, doesn’t the constitution still state:

“we can not legally set apart one group of citizens from the rest.”

as far as this church is concerned, I don’t think they have any room to speak to anyone about morals

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6 Replies to “he’s got to be kidding!”

  1. I told you in emails (several of them) how I feel about it. The conversation has definitely stirred in me a drive to go further to teach my kids tolerance. As I stated to you, my parents taught me and I’ve tried to pass that on to my kids, but I guess the reality is that more is needed. I can’t help but wonder when everyone will catch on that there is too much left to be done in this world to spend so much energy on hating others… it’s just a shame. And it truely has me wondering just what it is that I need to do to return to our peaceful existence in our corner of the world. Just as in every other way, we’ll probably never do all that needs to be done in ANYthing because of how long it’s taken us to get HERE! Sheesh… I thought we were supposed to make advancements through the years!!!

  2. What are they afraid it’ll cause *more work* for them (via more weddings)??? Not give them enough time to play shuffle the pedpriest??? It takes quite a bit of time and effort to find an unwitting parish to send a CRIMINAL to…

  3. Regardless of my personal views on the issue, I almost laugh out loud whenever “The Church” comes down against an issue for reasons of morality. Here is Boston, we are undergoing a major church investigation into a Priest molestation cover-up that went on for decades, and included up to at least the Bishop, I believe. I think I heard the latest victim count was over 1000. Yep, you read that correctly, One Thousand.
    That’s a pretty shaky soapbox to be preaching from.

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