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I swear, people are going out of their way to piss me off this year…
yesterday morning, while at work, I get told by one of the guests, that “If you lived where we do, you wouldn’t be able to do this job”
not because I’m not DAMN GOOD at my job, but because a woman should not work nights, alone. :let_it_all_out
excuse me?!?!?!
I politely informed him that not only was it discrimination, but also illegal
to which he said “well yes, but its only a problem if someone makes a fuss about it”
to which I not so politely informed him, that I’m definitely the type of person who WOULD!!
but once again, the :asshole of the moment award goes to *drum roll please*
he and the kids are down at my fathers (long story, we won’t go into it, suffice it to say the 2 of them get along better than me and my father do) and went 4-wheeling yesterday
not a problem
apparently him and my oldest son got dumped off, and said son almost got run over…
to give the :asshole credit, he did put his leg up and stop it from doing that…
they’re both scraped up…apparently the ex is in pretty rough shape
however, I didn’t know anything about this until this morning!!! :angry
If I had DARED pull something like that, and not let him know if something had happened IMMEDIATELY if not sooner, I would have heard about it for MONTHS ON END!! :flames
and before anyone jumps my case, yes, I know better than anyone that accidents happen, hell, had my fair share of them
but FFS, I’m his MOTHER, I at least deserve a damn PHONE CALL!!!

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  1. All things considered, I think your posted reaction was pretty tame. I know accidents happen, but damn it- I am the mom and if something happens to my kids then I want to know IMMEDIATELY.
    Oh, and as for that ignorant asshole with the “women working at night” comment….. send his moronic ass my way… I’ll show him exactly how well some women can handle themselves in a physical altercation. Haven’t fought (physically) in many many years (I’m too old for that stuff), but I guarantee that if you mess with me you’ll know you were in a fight.

  2. girl you have every right to be peeved! Sounds like you were up to your eyeballs dealing with assholes. Congratulations on handling yourself with dignity!

  3. “but it’s only a problem if someone makes a fuss about it”
    Ok, found my new favorite smiley…

    You and Kathy K have the funniest smileys.

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