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well…things have been just lovely here…how bout y’all?
My landlord came over today to get the rent…after I handed him the check he says to me
him: “I hate to do this (then don’t is what I’m thinking) but I need you to be out by the first of the month”
me: ‘excuse me?’
him: “I need to raise the rent by $100.00, so I need you to move so I can do that.”
me: “this place is gonna need ALLOT of work before you can do that”
him: “I know, I’m going to move in and work on it, so my son can live in the property I’m living in now…things have been so tight for me since the divorce that I have to do this”
me: kind of a hard time to do it…right before the holidays like that.
him: well, there’s really no good time to do it, if you need a couple more days, just let me know and I’ll see what I can do.
me..thinking to self: nice of you *rolling eyes*
so now, on top of everything else, I have to move in the next 3 weeks…yes, I know they are supposed to give 30 days notice in most cases, however, my landlord is a Judge (only one in town)…what am I gonna do…take him to court?
I’m at a loss of what to do, do I find a place here, where there’s not much left in my price range, but I have a job that no matter how much I gripe about it, I really do like…look for a job elsewhere and move there where there’s more options (aka, money and places to live)…and what about my kids…*sighs*…move them…fight to take them, settle for only having them during summer and vacation time…
when I said I wasn’t sure how much more I could take…it wasn’t a challenge dammit!!!

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  1. I seem to remember something in a long-ago post about having to give your “ex” so many day’s notice if you intend to move. Perhaps you could tell the judge that you need more time.
    And another thing… don’t they have rules there about evicting someone who is paying rent (even on a month-to-month basis)?
    Judge or not, I don’t think he could get away with that sort of thing if you really were intent on pursuing it.

  2. sorry to hear this.. he couldn’t have picked a worse time here right at Christmas!!! and I agree.. Judge or not, I think there are laws

  3. Damn T…did you tell him to go fuck himself? Did you try that? Hmm, a judge you say? Better yet, don’t burn this bridge.

  4. Thats awful. I know how you feel though, (kind of) as I too have to move and there is a lot of other crap going on. I’d say look for someplace nearby, even if its not the best, then while you’re there, take your time and look for your ideal place.

  5. Oh man that really sucks! I know there are Tenant/Landlord Laws enforced by other branches of the goverment. That’s a terrible situation to be in. I hope it all works out for you….= ) Email or IM me if you want to rant

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