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I really cannot believe the stupidity of some people…
if you’re at work, even if you only have ‘basic’ computer knowledge…
DON’T surf porn sites
DON’T download spyware/malware, or for that matter, ANYTHING!!
you are there to WORK…not play around and surf porn on the Internet all day…you were warned…
and when the ‘resident computer geek’ busts you doing it, and puts a stop to it (with managements consent and permission, tyvm) don’t try to make her out to be the bad guy!! You were caught, the least you could do is own up to it.
and giving ultimatums and then quitting is really quite childish…you’d been looking for a reason to quit for weeks, and it wasn’t like you were up for most valuable employee anyway…
good luck to you…you’re gonna need it if you keep this crap up!
damn…good thing I can use the overtime!

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  1. LOL. That reminds me of a former coworker who was surfing porn sites, decided to print some of it out.
    Now our printers were networked – as many as 30 people could be using the same one.
    often, print jobs would sometimes take 20-30 minute or more, depending on who was printing what…anyway, his porn was like 10th in line. It didn’t print before the end of his shift, so he forgot about it and left. Imagine his surprise when he was shown his stack of printed porn the next day and escorted out 😉

  2. LOL!!! Gawd people are so f**king STOOPID!!!
    A girl at accounting had all her browsers disabled by our IT guys.
    Why? Because she let a rather vicious worm get into our network, when they looked at her history folder… she spent all day goofing off on sites.
    Of course, she made the systems people into bad guys… but she’s damn lucky to still have her job.
    Then there was the principal of an intermediate school here that was just fired as a disgruntled ex-employee blew the whistle on her and he addiction to gambling sites.
    Needless to say this cost her a career.
    If you’re going to be stupid at work… at least learn to cover your tracks.

  3. Isn’t it amazing how it always winds up being YOUR fault….not theirs, when they get caught??
    -e’s- right….some people are really STOOPID!!! *G*

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