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for me to post again…
When I last was here (wait, strike that, I’m here every day, just don’t always have time to post!)
When I last posted, I was getting ready for the office party, which I thought was rather nice…I work with an awesome group of people and its great to work at a company where they show appriciation for the work that you do (and they don’t only show it at the holidays, which is even better!)
Here is a pic that was taken there (not very good I’m afraid, but the only one I have)
So the next weekend, we have shopping, the search for the elusive cookie cutters, and constant calls from a friend we’d agreed to help move to Miami on the Thursday before christmas :scared
(yes, next year, I learn to say NO)
which in itself was a horor bad enough, I don’t really want to go into it :hammer
So we have our “Christmas” last night, dinner, presents, guests stopping by (who we managed to convince to stay for dinner to help us with this 23 lb bird my wife bought!
lots of good things, expecially just getting to spend time together…My wonderful wife even managed to clean out the fireplace and we had a nice little fire going :1luvu (I’m not even going to mention the fact that I think it was around 70 degrees here yesterday :lol)
I just want to close by saying this…
This year was a bit harder for me to deal with than others, those that are close to me know the reason for this…I want to thank all of them, for their support, their time, and effort, in keeping me from falling into ‘full grinch’ mode (I know that wasn’t easy)
I love you all, may the coming year bring us all we want and desire
Have a
Happy Holidays
No matter what you celebrate!

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  1. As a member of your extended digital family, Happy Hoildays! Lots of love & hugs to you and yours. May 2006 come with a lot of wonderful and pleasant surprises for you!
    You’re the best, T!

  2. T
    Happy holidays to you! I’m rooting for you this year to get everything your heart desires in life. 🙂 Hope to see you soon!!!!

  3. Awesome pic of you guys. Tell M I said Hi! BTW we have plenty of Ham left and the Sweet Potato casserole my other half made was da bomb! = )~

  4. Happy New Year, T! I’m glad to hear that you were surrounded by friends and loved ones for Christmas. I hope 2006 brings you all you could wish for.

  5. Sorry to hear that it started out to be a hard Christmas, but happier to hear that those whom love you around you were able to put you in the spirit!!! Happy New Year and may this year be all you need and want out of life!!!

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