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I swear, they must be there…
in my last post, I could have swore I talked about Saturday…in which the major event was another dear friend of ours who’s moved to the other side of the state, stopping by to see us! (we miss you guys so much :cry ) before they went to dinner and over to mulletville…
however, in re-reading my post, I see that I skipped right over Saturday and went right to Sunday :uhoh3
The shopping trip went ok…one of these days I hope to find someone willing to do it for me though :lol
4 stores and one trip to Carino’s (love those job perks!) later…I managed to find an outfit that I can live with. (side note…I did find an awesome pair of boots that my wife helped me pick out…lets just say, with the exception of the color, they’re the ones I’ve been wanting for years! :biggrin )
My wonderful wife, on the other hand…was unable to find anything (which means we have to do this again :scared ) but did manage to find the Star Wars III DVD :banana
After all of that…getting in way to late last night, her (and Ran) having to work this morning…I got to go fix my friend D’s computer…let me tell you, Destiny was NOT happy at getting up at 7am this morning (neither was I to tell the truth!) and I did manage to get a little something to entertain my kids when they come down! (and I’m sure my wife will like it to…big kid that she is :rofl )

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