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I have to say, this year could have started on a better foot than M having to work 16 hours today :cry
We had a very quiet celebration…I finished a jigsaw puzzle, we watched some movies, and the ball drop at midnight, then went to sleep after welcoming in the new year.
I can’t say 2005 was all bad for us here…I married the woman I love :1luvu (even if the government doesn’t recognize it :flip), found an awesome job :biggrin (ok, well, technically, it found me! :biglaugha), we have a great house, some amazing friends (old and new) and we have each other. :group_smile
M got a promotion and a post that she likes, Ran went back to school and is doing fantabulous at it (I’m so proud of her!), her little girl is in a place that she feels safe and is doing wonderful, not to mention has a more active social life than the rest of us! :lol
We are home. :cool
Yes, I wish some things were different…as you all know, I won’t bore you with all the gory details, as my long time readers are too familiar with them :uhoh3
Here’s to you 2006, and to what the future holds :crystal
Happy New Year

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  1. Awww that was sweet. I love our little family. All that it revolves around. And you even used a ran word in there, fantabulous. LOL
    Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year, O’ Mighty T!
    Well, a lot of changes for you this year.
    I do hope that one thing amiss turns around in your favor again. You deserve it.

  3. Well you and M’s New Years sounds about like ours =) Happy New Year to you guys wishing you all the happiness you both deserve.

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