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Today’s word of the day is “housebound.” Normally, you’d think of this word in conjunction with an illness, but in keeping with today’s snow, I could say:
“Despite the snow today, we aren’t housebound.” But, to be on the safe side, I shopped so that we have groceries to carry us well into next week. I hadn’t had my lunch yet, and it was around 1:00, so more snack food jumped into my cart than usual, but there was a good balance of veggies, too.
If you have the chance to check out the Real Simple current issue, take a look at the cooking section. There are five or six weeknight meals that sound really good, and two pages of suggestions for breakfast that I plan to save. Check it out!

Word of the Day – May 21, 2011

Frugal is the word of the day, today. Frugality is a habit that many people have allowed to lapse. I have a friend whose husband has a lecture for his family about whether they WANT something, or whether they NEED something. I asked him to give me the lecture, but I have yet to hear it. One day, I may call him and ask to hear it. *G*
One of my favorite sayings goes: “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.”
My clothes closet will attest to the fact that I am frugal. I have a number of things that I really should throw out, that I call “gardening clothes.” In reality, one only needs so many outfits for gardening, but I have to work at throwing away things that are not in shreds. My husband is the same. I sorted through my things last spring, and will do it again this June. We’ll have to work together to clear out his chest of drawers, and the closet. I haven’t a clue why he has saved so many pairs of pants. He doesn’t garden!
Periodically, I make meals from what is in the freezer or pantry, using things up so that they don’t go to waste to freezer burn or pass their “use by” date. My brother-in-law sent me an e-mail about the need to pitch cake mixes and the like if they have reached their expiration date. Apparently they can house mold or other unsavory things. I got the step stool and sat down in front of the pantry and read the expiration date on everything but the tea. I was astonished at how much I had to throw out! I encourage you to do the same, and replace things only as you will use them. (My family is laughing right now because they tell me I could supply my local grocery store if they run out of things. I’m trying to change…..really!)
There are two areas where I am not frugal: books and things having to do with quilting. In truth, I have slowed down in my purchase of both, but I have so much fabric stashed that I probably will not be able to use it in my lifetime. The real problem is that such beautiful fabric continues to be created that I just can’t seem to keep from adding a little here and there. So, to counter that, I purposely avoid my favorite haunts, so that I’m less tempted. A for books, I plan to resume my visits to the library. It’s well stocked, and I’ve discovered that I can browse on-line, and even request an order to be gathered for me. I have given away a LOT of books, but my shelves overflow, and that reminds me to be FRUGAL!
Are you a frugal person? In all ways, or just in some? I think we are at a time when our government NEEDS to practice frugality. The deficit that is anticipated in all areas of government will force all of us to be more frugal as we pay off their debt, and see to our own needs. Now is the time to be FRUGAL!


…that’s the word of the day. See….look over there to the right. You might have to scroll down a bit to see it.
We have numerous gardens around the house, under cultivation. There is a patch of ground north of the house that is waiting for Dear Husband to cultivate, in preparation for veggies.
We cultivate low maintenance friends.
Raising a family could be considered the art of cultivation. You prune away bad habits, and supply your children with a healthy stream of nutrients in the form of food, ideas and experiences.
Go forth and cultivate today. You’ll be better for it, no matter which medium you choose.

Word of the Day

If you’ve checked out the “Word of the Day” box to the right, you’ll see that Google has chosen “prolix.”
In reading the definition of “prolix” I suspect that many of you are thinking it applies to this blog! *G* Yeah, what can I say? I’m mired in detail, and rarely see the bigger picture.
It strikes me that if ALL of us were to be focused on the “bigger picture,” there would be no one to handle the details, right? I’m content to be a bean counter, and a tiny detail person, as long as I can quilt, too. Take away my quilting and I’d have to get involved in the “bigger picture.”
I’d be focused on improving the quality of education in my school district, while cutting the budget.
I’d be removing fast food and vending machines from the cafeterias at school, and requiring the students to eat a healthy breakfast prior to class.
I’d be gathering votes to push our representatives and senators into participating in the Social Security system, rather than paying them a lifetime salary after retirement.
I’d be campaigning to limit the benefits of our welfare system. (I believe in giving a helping hand….but not a welfare lifestyle.)
I’d be pushing for increased research on alternate forms of energy.
I’d be focused on finding ways to check every cargo container that comes into the United States, for drugs, disease and weapons of mass destruction.
And more….I know there’s more that I worry about out there.

Word of the Day

I believe I like Dictionary.com’s definition of “avid” much better, especially when the term is used to describe my relationship with quilting:
“Marked by keen interest and enthusiasm”
Even a “fierce devouring affection” seems preferable to Google’s definition of the word: “Longing eagerly for; eager; greedy. ”
Truth be told, I dislike the idea of being called greedy, but it’s possible the shoe fits where quilting is concerned. Quilters have what they call “stashes” of fabric, so that you have the piece you need at 3:00 in the morning when the stores are closed and you can’t sleep. Actually, I’ve never pieced or quilted at 3:00, but I AM a fabriholic. One hundred per cent cotton is a beautiful fabric, and the colors and patterns available today are astonishing! I have the fabric to make at least eight quilt tops, and probably many more.
If only I had the time.
So…maybe I am greedy, but couldn’t we put a nicer face on it??

Word of the Day

I noticed that the word of the day is “pike,” and my first thought was….I wonder which definition? A LOT of them!
I thought of:
1. A freshwater game and food fish
2. A long spear formerly used by the infantry
3. A mid-air position in sports such as gymnastics or diving in which the
athlete bends to touch the feet or grab the calves or back of thighs
while keeping the legs straight
4. A turnpike, or a toll gate
5. Zebulon Montgomery Pike for whom “Pike’s Peak” is named
These are the ones which weren’t familiar:
6. A hill with a pointed summit (chiefly British)
7. A spike, or a pointed head
8. A hay fork
9. A pick
10. A haycock
11. A toll bar
I also read a definition of pike that suggested it was a broad road intended for ultra fast travel. I tend to think of the pikes that were around in the 1700s in Pennsylvania, although I’ve ridden on the Pennsylvania turnpike. So, the definition must have evolved as the roads did.
That’s a pretty amazing group of definitions for a small word.

Word of the Day

I’ve never heard this word. I’ve never heard anyone use it; I’ve never read it. What’s more, I’ve never heard my MOTHER use this word (and, of course, Mother knows everything). It’s new to me.
It made me think of Jamie Frasier, in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series, but on reflection, while Jamie was miserable in prison, I think he had enough purpose in seeing to the care of his men that you couldn’t say he was caitiff. Now, the MEN may have been caitiff.
You learn something every day.
(N.B. When I ran Spell Check, it made no comment about “caitiff.”)

Word of the Day

The grounds have gone from being sere and brown to verdant, now that the rains have returned.
We have had a dreadful summer. I made a serious effort to water my gardens this year, and if next year should turn out to be the same, I am going to become an expert on installing watering systems. I’m going to have to ask my PT guru if hand watering of the pots along the sidewalk can be considered exercise!
Rain…..we’ve had rain, and may possibly have more rain this weekend. I’m not going to complain. Instead, you’ll find me outside doing a rain dance!


Have you ever heard of this word? This is the first time I’ve seen it. It means a person who is learning the alphabet, a novice.
I wonder if Big Bird ever used abecedarian?


Manse…..the Buffy manse is full to overflowing with family this weekend. We are fortunate to have Dear Husband’s oldest son with us for a few days. His siblings have come to visit through out the past day or two, and they will all gather tomorrow to sail with Dear Husband and then have dinner here.

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