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I’ve never heard this word. I’ve never heard anyone use it; I’ve never read it. What’s more, I’ve never heard my MOTHER use this word (and, of course, Mother knows everything). It’s new to me.
It made me think of Jamie Frasier, in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series, but on reflection, while Jamie was miserable in prison, I think he had enough purpose in seeing to the care of his men that you couldn’t say he was caitiff. Now, the MEN may have been caitiff.
You learn something every day.
(N.B. When I ran Spell Check, it made no comment about “caitiff.”)

5 thoughts on “Word of the Day

  1. Are Diana Gabaldon’s books any good? I’ve never read any although I’ve heard other people talking about them. I’m always looking for new authors to try.
    Having saidf that I’m still absorbing Terry Pratchetts latests “Thyud”. His books are always very good and this one is excellent.

  2. I haven’t gotten into Terry Prachett’s books yet, but there’s a stack of them waiting for me, on loan from my son.
    I have been totally addicted to Diana Gabaldon’s books, and highly recommend them. She does an excellent job of spinning a plausible, absorbing tale and giving you loads of information about the mid 1700s at the same time. There is some gore, and cruelty in the ongoing story, but I believe it’s necessary to move the story forward. The books are HUGE…800-1000 pages at least in paperback, but very well worth the time.
    The newest book is coming out this week, but I’d advise you to start at the beginning of the series. I think that’s “Outlander,” but I’m not sure.

  3. Hey girl, new look! I feel like I am quilting! I ment to tell you when we were in Kty. I saw a quilding mfg. suplier! I thought of you. Do be carful with the ivy! I wouldn’t wish this on anyone!

  4. HI, Joe! I need to get a sign for the back of my car that says “This car brakes for all things Quilting!” It’s quite an industry, so I’m not surprised that you saw a company on your travels. I’ll be careful about the poison ivy. I know how bad it can be!
    Adele, I hope you enjoy the books.

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