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The grounds have gone from being sere and brown to verdant, now that the rains have returned.
We have had a dreadful summer. I made a serious effort to water my gardens this year, and if next year should turn out to be the same, I am going to become an expert on installing watering systems. I’m going to have to ask my PT guru if hand watering of the pots along the sidewalk can be considered exercise!
Rain…..we’ve had rain, and may possibly have more rain this weekend. I’m not going to complain. Instead, you’ll find me outside doing a rain dance!

10 thoughts on “Word of the Day

  1. In the last 3 weeks, we have had a little over 1/4″ rain (last Saturday). When you’re done with those rain clouds could you send some our way?

  2. Bogie, I know just what you’re going through. It was like that for us from early July into September. The lawn was a crispy critter!
    We’ll send our clouds on, but the’ll be wrung dry, believe me.

  3. Our lawn is still okay (it’s mostly weeds). I just worry about everything else.
    I realized yesterday afternoon that it is almost October. We have had such warm weather the last couple of weeks (much higher than usual) that it doesn’t seem like it. In a normal year, everything would be dying back from the cold nights, so I wouldn’t be worrying about no rain.

  4. Buffy,
    I love your new background to this blog. The patchwork design just fits in with your favourite craft. I do, however, have a request. Could you change the colour of the print in the blog from black to white please. Against the dark blue background I am having real difficulty in reading the writing. Sorry.

  5. Bogie….I know. I can’t believe we are almost through September! I wonder if our seasons are going to flip flop?
    GOod suggestion, Adele. I’m having a bit of difficulty reading it too. I’m glad to know that I have good company. I’ll talk to ~T~ about it.
    Thanks, Susan!

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