Ennui is a word that I rarely use. I tend to be a happy person, or at least, I rarely feel sad. But just lately I’ve been feeling a bit down. Ennui describes it well.

I’ve lost my oldest sister, we’ve been sheltering at home for what seems like forever, I miss getting hugs, my arm hurts and I’m working on some health issues. I think I have a right to feel a little ennui. But, between you and me, I’d like it to go away.

I want to be that person who rises early and enjoys the morning sun. I want to watch the birds and squirrels while I have breakfast and be entertained by their play. I want to feel energetic, and ready to take on organizing the pantry or making more quilts, or even cleaning!

We have finally made it to March. The snow is melting away and warm temperatures are forecast for the next couple of weeks. Soon, I’ll be able to get out and visit the nurseries and choose plants for the gardens. I hope by then I will have managed to ditch this ennui.

I welcome suggestions on how to go about perking up my attitude.