Brazen, I Tell You!

I just received a call, ostensibly from to tell me that “someone” had recently made a charge of over $500 on my Amazon account. If I had not made the charge, I was to call them back at the number they gave me.

Okay, I’ve gotten to the point where I’m skeptical about everything on-line. I didn’t bother to write down the number they gave. After all, it was a recorded message, and in all the time I’ve been shopping at Amazon, they have NEVER called me, or sent an email. Generally, if someone wants you to verify their call, they don’t give you a number to call. You are supposed to look the number up for yourself. I’ll bet anything that if I had dialed that number I would have been connected to one of those telephone scams where you are charged hundreds of dollars for just accessing the exchange.

I went to my Amazon account and checked my orders. Of course there was no $500 charge. I checked all the tabs and there was nothing! Just because I have gray hair doesn’t mean that I don’t pay attention when it comes to scams.

I wish Amazon had some place where we could post information on these scams. I suppose they don’t want to pursue the scammers, but it would be good to have a record we could review about recent scams.

The scammers are brazen, and with each passing day we need to be more and more vigilant. Don’t get caught.