Another of “Those” nights

I’m up in the middle of the night, AGAIN! I think there are several parts to this problem. I have been reading a lot lately, and I think that I am not getting enough exercise. I’m going to have to tire myself out for several days in a row, and reestablish an earlier time to rise and go to bed. I think consistency in my day is important.

It’s also possible that this sleeplessness is related to depression. I’m still grieving for my sister, and probably will be for a while. When I see the doc I’ll ask whether melatonin might help in the short term.

I’m also disturbed by the unbelievable scenes of the mob breaking into the Capital building. I am astonished that any of them thought their behavior was appropriate, and I worry what will happen on January 20th. I really think that the inauguration should be held inside the building. (Note to God: Dear Sir, would you please provide foul weather for the day to drive them inside?)

And, we are in our tenth month of sheltering at home (mostly). We’re all tired of the separation, lack of touch, missing special events in our families, the fear that we might catch the virus after all our efforts and the grief for all who have been lost.

Some of that I can’t control but I suspect that more exercise is a good part of the solution to how I feel about all of this. I just wish I could do it sitting down.

Wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds. Stay six feet away from EVERYONE. Wear a mask! It’s very little to ask to prevent the spread of the virus, and maybe I’ll get a little sleep.