Manse…..the Buffy manse is full to overflowing with family this weekend. We are fortunate to have Dear Husband’s oldest son with us for a few days. His siblings have come to visit through out the past day or two, and they will all gather tomorrow to sail with Dear Husband and then have dinner here.

The manse needs to be baby-proofed, soon! Our granddaughter was here for the day, with her mommy. I need to get tot locks for the cabinets, and put the socket covers on. I noticed that a few things had been set up out of eyesight of a one year old. Everyone has taken a turn playing with the most beautiful of babies, giving her mum a little time off from baby chasing, and getting to enjoy the munchkin. She’s been playing peek-a-boo with me all day long, but won’t come to sit on my lap. It seems I look too much like her day care provider.
It’s been a week of international cuisine. Last night we went out for Mexican, the night before we went to one of those Mongolian Wok-style restaurants. Throw in some Italian, and a Midwestern home cooked meal, and we’ve traveled diet-wise, if not in reality.
It’s been nice to have the kids together. It doesn’t happen often enough these days. With all the children grown, and busy following their own life plans, it’s difficult to pull them all together for a day, let alone several. SO, we cherish the time we have and use the computer and phone to keep in touch. I hope that one day my grandson will see his way to join us.

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  1. Good luck on your grandson and wunderbar on your weekend with family (and the beautiful baby). That is so cool! DH’s boat is really good for keeping guests properly amused.

  2. He’s sure been busy being the host with the most lately! I’m working on dinner now, and the crew should show up after a day’s sail. I hope our granddaughter had a good time!

  3. Buffy, I do hope that you had a lot of fun last weekend, and really enjoyed yourself. And, now it’s over take the opportunity to relax a bit. Don’t you find all that entertaining exhausting? I know I do.

  4. I certainly do, Adele! This week is fairly quiet in terms of guests, but next week I’ll have two audits and a visit from the CPA’s assistant. At least I won’t be preparing meals for them, or making beds!
    The boys are here today, but we’ve agreeed that it needs to be a light day. We’ve finished the outdoor chores and we’re taking a break before we tackle part of the basement. I’m going to bed EARLY tonight, for the third night in a row. I’ve earned it!

  5. You certainly do. And it sounds as if you may have some preparation work to do before next week. Don’t overdo things.
    I admit I could do with a light day. Today was a trip to the center of London for a hospital appointment, an art gallery in the afternoon and a terrible trip home with the diruption of some tube lines still closed and very hot weather. And tonight we are being descended upon by the Stepkids. John can cook the meal tonight I think ~grin~.

  6. I can see that you need a light day! A trip to the center of London alone would have been tiring, let alone everything else you crammed into the day. I hope you had a good doc’s visit.
    I haven’t had much to say about the bombings that occured in London last week, but I hope you know that it was devastating for us to hear that the terrorists had struck again. We worry for all of you who have become our friends, and mourn for those who have been lost.
    I’m glad you made it home safely. I hope John made a great dinner!

  7. Thank you for your kind words. I don’t personally know anyone who lost their lives as a result of last week. But many, many people over here do.
    The Silence yesterday was meant not only as an acknowledgement of all those who lost their lives or were injured, but also to say We Will Not Accept Terrorism. I hope that the terrorists will note that, and not take it like a red rag to a bull.

  8. Adele, I think the Silence was an impressive way of making your point. I was amazed that it extended across the entire island…including commerce. Even the airplanes sat on the tarmack for those two minutes.
    We were certainly thinking of you. I’m sure that more than a few Americans gave two minutes of Silence in support.
    I didn’t catch the address, but there is a blog that features pictures of Americans with words to the effect of “I’M NOT AFRAID,” as they go through their usual daily activities. Perhaps that might be another red flag, but I liked the feeling of solidarity.

  9. I did not realise it at the time but the Silence was observed over substantial parts of the continent too. It was something everybody could do to make the point.
    There has been a lot in the news media over the last couple of days that there could be more terrorism over here. I hope not. Certainly everywhere and everyone is being very careful and aware.

  10. Adele, I had heard that it was less likely that they would srike England again. Having made the point that they CAN strike The US, and Spain, and the UK, they will most likely move on to another target.
    It’s just a guess on our part. It’s a shame that so few can hurt so many.

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