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I believe I like Dictionary.com’s definition of “avid” much better, especially when the term is used to describe my relationship with quilting:
“Marked by keen interest and enthusiasm”
Even a “fierce devouring affection” seems preferable to Google’s definition of the word: “Longing eagerly for; eager; greedy. ”
Truth be told, I dislike the idea of being called greedy, but it’s possible the shoe fits where quilting is concerned. Quilters have what they call “stashes” of fabric, so that you have the piece you need at 3:00 in the morning when the stores are closed and you can’t sleep. Actually, I’ve never pieced or quilted at 3:00, but I AM a fabriholic. One hundred per cent cotton is a beautiful fabric, and the colors and patterns available today are astonishing! I have the fabric to make at least eight quilt tops, and probably many more.
If only I had the time.
So…maybe I am greedy, but couldn’t we put a nicer face on it??

4 thoughts on “Word of the Day

  1. 100 per cent cotton. Has to be. That’s what makes quilts so breathable, so loveable, so nice to make, and even nicer to sleep under. I’m cutting blocks right now. Small blocks as my fabrics are now reduced to tiny scraps. But I could no more throw out my 100 per cent cotton scraps than I could throw out the baby with the bath water. 😉

  2. Absolutely, Ms. Roberta! I came across an article in Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine in the past year that recreated the look of mosaics found in Europe in fabrics. The floor under the baptismal font in a chapel in Truro provided the design for a wonderful quilt that was made from scraps and a neutral background. It will be a challenge to piece, but it’s one solution for all the scraps I’ve kept. Another is miniature blocks. There’s a great book called 501 Quilt Blocks. All the blocks are 4″ square. That’s not miniature, but small enough to use up my scraps!

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