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If you’ve checked out the “Word of the Day” box to the right, you’ll see that Google has chosen “prolix.”
In reading the definition of “prolix” I suspect that many of you are thinking it applies to this blog! *G* Yeah, what can I say? I’m mired in detail, and rarely see the bigger picture.
It strikes me that if ALL of us were to be focused on the “bigger picture,” there would be no one to handle the details, right? I’m content to be a bean counter, and a tiny detail person, as long as I can quilt, too. Take away my quilting and I’d have to get involved in the “bigger picture.”
I’d be focused on improving the quality of education in my school district, while cutting the budget.
I’d be removing fast food and vending machines from the cafeterias at school, and requiring the students to eat a healthy breakfast prior to class.
I’d be gathering votes to push our representatives and senators into participating in the Social Security system, rather than paying them a lifetime salary after retirement.
I’d be campaigning to limit the benefits of our welfare system. (I believe in giving a helping hand….but not a welfare lifestyle.)
I’d be pushing for increased research on alternate forms of energy.
I’d be focused on finding ways to check every cargo container that comes into the United States, for drugs, disease and weapons of mass destruction.
And more….I know there’s more that I worry about out there.

2 thoughts on “Word of the Day

  1. Oh, lordy, Buffy. We must find a way to help you chill out. How about a glass of the Rosemount Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2000 Coonawarra, Show Reserve? No. I don’t want you warped on such drugs, and most of us are concerned about many of the items that you listed; but, I hate to see you worrying about so many things at once. Worry about the handprint quilt!

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