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  1. Hmm I could have swore I had a post that resembled that same sentiment oh so long ago.
    The fact that someone who can be convicted as a serial killer, rape adn mutilate 10 or so women, such as the “Gainesville Killer” Daniel Rollings did a few years ago, and still can get married and have a conjugale* visit with his “wife” is down right fearful of what this country is coming to. He even got to stand up in handcuffs at his court date and sing a song to his wife. WTF? Yet a same sex couple in love ready to make a commitment can not get married? So yes I ask myself everytime I pull up in the drive way what are people, not just Republicans alone so scared of? I used to think so long ago that maybe they were afraid same sex marriage would increase the already huge divorce rate this country has. But after thinking about it more through the past 2 years I have been out, I simply wonder sometimes if they aren’t just scared that a same sex couple might actually have something more worth while to offer to the sanctity of marriage than that of the hetrosexuals?!?!?!
    Don’t get me wrong gays have the same issues, dramas, and problems as those of the hetrosexual nature. After all the sex we fall in love with has nothing to do with who we are. It is just a NORMAL part of our lives. I am not special because I am a Lesbian. That is just a mild stepping stone in my life. It is only the huge deal that it is across the country because we have to fight for what should’ve been ours all along. Equal rights!
    Maybe they are just scared that if they allow same sex marriage and it becomes a norm so to speak in everyday life like everything else, more people would actually get their asses out of the closet instead of hiding in it.
    Goodness I could go on and on about this for days in this post, but the fact is no one should be scared of same sex marriage. Gays couldn’t fuck it up any worse than hetrosexuals did ever so long ago. We might actually put a little sunshine in it or at least a rainbow (lol). Who knows, but we know we couldn’t fuck it up any worse!

  2. No, I don’t know what they’re afraid of. In fact, I can’t even figure out why they care about homosexuality.
    I’m straight (more or less ;-D) and it’s no skin off my nose who anybody is sleeping with, as long as they’re not sleeping with me or one of my minor children. I have a life. I feel no compulsion to stick my nose into anybody else’s.
    As for talk of some ‘gay agenda’ … that always makes me laugh. People always judge you by themselves, you know. So, because evangelical Christians believe it’s possible to ‘convert’ a homosexual to heterosexuality and they try to do it at every turn, they assume that homosexuals try at every turn to ‘convert’ straight people’s sexual orientation.
    A conspiracy to convert all humanity to homosexuality! Fancy that! I think it’s hysterically funny that anybody even considers that a possibility. Maybe it scares them because they think it might work??? LOL!
    But I’ve never yet heard of anybody gay who didn’t say some variation of, “Just give me equal rights under the law and then get your nose out of my bedroom.”
    Being a student of human nature, I really would like to understand but I just can’t. Not even what they’re afraid of, but why do they care?

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