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I just realized yesterday, when I had no time, that I had once again let all my posts slide off into the archives :hum
I also realize, that since this is April 1st, and I’m posting, that I’m running the risk of everyone that reads here (all 3 of you?) thinking that it’s an april fools gag…
Trust me, this is an honest update, I suck at pranks…I admire those that can pull them off, but never have managed that art…
Well, where to begin, since really nothing exciting has been happening since the recent scare (thank the goddess for that!)
Oh, it was brought to my attention recently, that I’ve negelected to update my readers on some things….I could have swore I did.
I bought a new (to me) car…and isn’t it amazing how after you make such a purchase, everyone you know has one they’re selling, for less than you paid, and with a lot less problems than the one you bought :uhoh3
Yes, said car was bought from ‘friends’ and has been in the shop 3 times to get it running properly :brick
Melissa is coming to Jax!! I found out yesterday after tickets went on sale…and yes, M, Ran, and I are going!! :banana
I’m still amazed she’s coming here!! :1luvu
The sites have all been moved to the new server, it went fairly smoothly, only losing the banner ads over at Problem Adults and those have since been fixed (ok, that’s all I’ve noticed were missing, hopefully that’s the case!)
I have noticed that anything going to an aol account is bouncing, so I hope to get that matter cleared up soon.
With the move complete, I have a new project that I’m playing with…hope to have progress on that in the coming week, as I would really like to have it up and running by the 7th :biggrin
other than that…nothing really to report here…hope everyone is doing well, and don’t fall for to many pranks today!!

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  1. I still read! :):) I’m glad you guys got tickets to Melissa. We’ll be there. :):) Where’s your seats? We’re at Section OR2LFT, Row FF, Seats 51-53. 🙂 As Ran said, maybe we can do dinner before Melissa? That sounded bad, eh? HHMM – Anyway – you know what I mean. LOL

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