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So I haven’t been around much lately, as several of my visitors have informed me.
I’m sorry about that, I would have liked to have been here, but our little world was turned upside down about 2 weeks ago :shakehead
We just signed a new lease at the first of this month, 12 days later we get a notice in the mail that the owner has decided to sell, we can either buy the property, or we have 60 days to move :wtf
We know what they’re asking for the place is outrageous, and any ‘offer’ we made would be no where near what they want for it…so…the hunt begins :angry
let me tell you…it’s a bitch to have to do this when you’re not planning on it, and were not financially prepared to deal with it….between the pro-rated rent here (the last 30 days are free, thank the goddess) and coming up with something in our price range, (first and security, basically 2 months rent, sometimes more) then dealing with the ‘is it in a good neighborhood, how much room does it have, how many rooms does it have’ it’s about enough to make you tear your hair out :errrr
This could not have come at a worse time…and the worst part is, I hate that they can take my family and put our lives into such chaos. Overall, we have a pretty great life. we take care of each other, we’re happy, everyone was doing well with jobs, school, and things in general…then the rug gets pulled out from under us, and we’re all in our own way wondering what’s going to happen and dealing with the affects this is having on us personally.
So, we keep looking, and keep hoping that perfect place, for the perfect price, will show itself soon.
I’ll try to keep you posted on that progress….but I’m not making any promises :wink

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  1. Gawd, isn’t moving just the worst thing??!! I hope you find a nice place, hon…..and that your friends all come to your aide when it’s time to pack up and move.

  2. Damn girl – that sucks. :'( I’m so sorry. I’ll keep my eyes out for a place for you – k? There are some for rent over here – I think…UGH. I’m so sorry.

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